This week's UK TV & radio

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10:00Saturday Kitchen Live
11:30Tom Kerridge's Fresh Start
12:00Football Focus
13:00BBC News
13:15Tennis: Australian Open Highlights
14:30Bargain Hunt
15:15Money for Nothing
16:00Final Score
17:05BBC News
17:15BBC London News
17:20MOTD Live: Millwall v Everton
19:30The Greatest Dancer
21:30Mrs Brown's Boys
22:00BBC News
22:20MOTD: FA Cup Highlights
23:40The NFL Show
00:10All Good Things Film
01:45Weather for the Week Ahead
01:50BBC News
02:35This Is BBC Two
07:00All Over the Place Asia: Part 2
07:30Wild & Weird 2
07:45All Over the Workplace
08:15Show Me What You're Made Of
08:45The Dog Ate My Homework
09:15Deadly on a Mission: Pole to Pole
09:45A Wolf Called Storm
11:45The Diary of Anne Frank Film
14:30Bowls: World Championships
16:30Nature's Epic Journeys
17:30Back in Time for School
18:30The Victorian House of Arts and...
19:30Chris Packham: In Search of the...
20:30Dad's Army
21:00Antony Gormley: How Art Began
22:15Live at the Apollo
22:45Bros: After the Screaming Stops Film
00:15World Indoor Bowls Highlights
01:15First Snow Film
02:50This Is BBC Two
06:00Unavailable >>
Channel 4
05:55The King of Queens Food Fight
06:20The King of Queens Double Downer
06:45The King of Queens Dougie Nights
07:10Everybody Loves Raymond Golf
07:35Everybody Loves Raymond Anniversary
08:05Frasier Cranes Go Caribbean
09:05The Big Bang Theory The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
09:30The Big Bang Theory The Speckerman Recurrence
09:55The Big Bang Theory The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
10:25The Simpsons Jaws Wired Shut
10:55The Simpsons The Bart Wants What It Wants
11:25The Simpsons The Lastest Gun in the West
11:55Four in a Bed
12:25Four in a Bed
12:55Four in a Bed
13:25Four in a Bed
13:55Four in a Bed
14:25A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun
15:30Sun, Sea and Brides To Be
16:30Location, Location, Location
17:35The Secret Life of the Zoo
18:30Channel 4 News
19:00Spying on the Royals
20:00Hidden Britain by Drone
21:00xXx: Return of Xander Cage Film (2017)
23:05Fast & Furious 6 Film (2013)
01:25The Last Leg
02:20The Simpsons Weekend at Burnsie's
02:45Hollyoaks Omnibus
05:00Come Dine with Me
05:55The King of Queens No Orleans
06:00Peppa Pig Kylie Kangaroo
06:05Peppa Pig
06:10Peppa Pig
06:15Sunny Bunnies
06:20Sunny Bunnies
06:25Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom The Elf Windmill
06:35Noddy Toyland Detective
06:50Fireman Sam
07:00Thomas & Friends:...
07:10Bob The Builder
07:25Digby Dragon
07:40Peppa Pig
07:50Peppa Pig
08:00Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
08:10Paw Patrol
08:30Nella the Princess Knight
08:55Pirata and Capitano
09:15Paw Patrol
09:30Shane the Chef
10:00Rise of The Teenage Mutant...
10:20Make You Laugh Out Loud
10:45Police Interceptors
11:45Close Encounters of the Third Kind Film
12:50Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Film
14:30Happy Feet Film
15:35Happy Feet Film
16:35The Proposal Film
17:355 News Update
17:40The Proposal Film
18:40Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly
19:30New: Digging Up Britain's Past
20:255 News Weekend
20:30The Great Fire Of London: Hour...
23:15Most Shocking Sexist TV Of All...
00:40Undercover Benefits Cheat
01:00High Street TV Teleshopping
01:30High Street TV Teleshopping
02:00High Street TV Teleshopping
02:30High Street TV Teleshopping
03:10GPs: Behind Closed Doors
04:00Best of Bad TV: Primetime...
04:45House Doctor
05:10Divine Designs
05:35Wildlife SOS
06:00Peppa Pig