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Listings for BBC 2 Scotland on Wednesday, November 29 2017

06:00An Island Parish 2/6. Little Miracles: Series following the community on the island of Sark in the Channel Islands. The island celebrates the anniversary of liberation from German control during WWII. [AD,S] 
06:30Claimed and Shamed 7/10. Series which sees insurance fraudsters caught on camera. A large-scale bogus injury scam is foiled as a group of football supporters fail to clock CCTV cameras on board the bus. [S] 
07:15Royal Recipes 12/15. Holidays and Travel: Michael Buerk and chef Anna Haugh fire up the barbecue to cook a favourite dish of Princess Anne, and Dr Annie Gray explores the history of ice cream. [AD,S] 
08:00Nigella: At My Table 3/6. Treats are in store as Nigella prepares some of her favourite dishes to share. For a lunch with friends, Nigella's herbed leg of lamb is relaxingly simple to prepare. [AD,S,SL] 
08:30Caught Red Handed 9/20. Dom Littlewood shows how technology is being used to catch crooks. A thief raids a social club by sneaking in and waiting for all the staff to go home. [AD,S,SL] 
09:00Victoria Derbyshire The BBC's daily news and current affairs programme with original stories, exclusive interviews, audience debate and breaking news. [S] 
11:00BBC Newsroom Live Stay up to date on the day's top stories, with the latest breaking news as it happens. [S] 
11:30Daily Politics Andrew Neil presents live coverage of Prime Minister's Questions and the latest political news, interviews and debate. [S] 
13:00The Link 6/25. Mark Williams hosts the quiz in which three teams battle it out to spot the link between a growing number of clues, with one team possibly walking away with thousands of pounds. [S] 
13:45Going Back Giving Back 7/15. Documentary series exploring generosity. Aled Jones meets a man who has overcome huge adversity after his mother was one of thousands of pregnant women took the drug thalidomide. [S] 
14:30Politics Scotland Coverage of some of the day's debates in the Scottish Parliament. [S] 
15:30The Indian Doctor 3/5. Young Hearts: Drama about an Indian doctor who moves to a Welsh mining village in 1963. The doctor's friendship with Megan deepens as they realise that the diary holds vital clues. [S] 
16:15Wartime Farm 8/8. Recreating the farming conditions of 1945, with Britain partly responsible for feeding populations across the war-torn continent following victory in Europe. [AD,S] 
17:15Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is 8/20. Antiques experts Eric Knowles and Catherine Southon do battle at auction in Nottingham. With 1,000 to spend, Eric is excited. But will Catherine emerge triumphant? [S] 
18:00Eggheads Jeremy Vine hosts the show where every day a new team of challengers take on what is probably the greatest quiz team in Britain, made up of some of the country's top quizzers. [S] 
18:30Strictly - It Takes Two Another couple joins Zoe Ball on the sofa. Ian Waite casts his expert eye over the couples' training footage to see how they are getting on with their new routines. [S] 
19:00Celebrity Antiques Road Trip Brian Conley and Nick Owen scour Shropshire for antique treasure with experts Phil Serrell and Kate Bliss. But what are the local connections to Napoleon and the White House? [S] 
20:00MasterChef: The Professionals 11/21. The search for the country's 2017 culinary superstar continues. It's the last week of the heats and these are the last six chefs to battle to make it through the competition. [AD,S] 
21:00Peaky Blinders 3/6. Blackbird: Crime drama. Changretta understands the complexity of his enemy, as the weight of gypsy tradition hangs upon Arthur. Is there a traitor in the Peaky Blinders' midst? [AD,S] 
22:00The Apprentice: You're Fired 9/12. Food Boxes: Rhod Gilbert is joined by a panel of experts and fans who analyse this week's task and meet the latest candidate to be fired. [S] 
22:30Newsnight In-depth investigation and analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Evan Davis. [S] Followed by weather. 
23:15Employable Me 1/4. Eight job seekers with disabilities battle to find work. After suffering a stroke during a routine operation, Andy is determined to prove he can still provide for his family. [AD,S] 
00:15Rick Stein's Road to Mexico Rick Stein journeys from northern California to Mexico. In San Francisco, Rick tastes legendary dishes, such as the hangtown fry - oyster pancake. [AD,S,SL] 
01:15Extreme Wives with Kate Humble 1/3. Kate Humble explores the extraordinary custom of woman-to-woman marriage in Kenya. Contains some upsetting scenes. [AD,S,SL] 
02:15This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S] 
06:00An Island Parish 5/6. Make Hay While the Sun Shines: Series about the community on the island of Sark. With summer sunshine finally reaching Sark, islanders are out in force to welcome a royal visitor. [AD,S]