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Listings for More 4 on Thursday, January 25 2018

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Food Unwrapped Jimmy Doherty, Kate Quilton and Matt Tebbutt examine what's in the food we eat. How much cow is in a beef stock cube? How are cornflakes made? What exactly is processed cheese? 
09:30A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun John and Elaine Want from Bedfordshire are looking to make a permanent move to the Alicante region of southern Spain. The couple has 70,000 to spend. 
10:30Four in a Bed At the Black Lion in Halland, near Lewes, host Nigel takes his guests to a salsa night, where he impresses with his 'snake hips'. But the lack of coffee refills at breakfast causes concern. 
11:00Four in a Bed In Exning, near Newmarket, Ken Clutterbuck welcomes the B&B competitors to The Wheatsheaf. Ken's sense of humour doesn't go down too well, particularly with guest Nigel. 
11:35Four in a Bed Super-sensitive Sherrill Tacy of the Sherwood Guesthouse in New Brighton on the Wirral takes her turn as host, and receives mixed reviews about her breakfast. 
12:05Four in a Bed The final hosts are Mark and Rachael of the ski-themed Big Bear Lodge in Shropshire, where an afternoon of canoeing raises a few laughs but also accusations of cheating. 
12:35Four in a Bed The B&B owners come together to confront their critics face-to-face, learn what their guests think their rooms are worth and find out who is going to be crowned best value. 
13:05A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun Steven and Jennie want a holiday home that can double up as a rental investment on Spain's Costa del Sol. Will they be drawn towards a flat near Estepona or a beach house further west? 
14:10A Place in the Sun: Summer Sun Deborah Sims, who has long dreamt of relocating permanently to southern Spain, has a budget of 90,000 and her eyes on a spot close to Gibraltar. 
15:15Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe Jose hosts teacher Skip, tattoo artist Indy, entrepreneur Sharon and admin worker Jessica. Jose's night features Spanish food and party games. (Ep1/5) 
15:50Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. History teacher Skip plans an evening celebrating his American roots. But what secret does Skip have to reveal to his guests? (Ep2/5) 
16:20Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. It's the turn of entrepreneur Sharon - who brings to the competition all the tenacity and commitment she applies to her business career. (Ep3/5) 
16:50Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. Tattoo artist Indy hosts a summer-themed dinner party. But what will his guests make of the 'bring swimwear' dress code? (Ep4/5) 
17:25Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. It's the turn of ditzy but endearing 23-year-old Jessica to host. Will Jessica's Chinese dinner and unusual pet impress her guests enough to win her the prize? (Ep5/5) 
17:55The Secret Life of the Zoo The arrival of a new female chimp causes upheaval at Chester Zoo, baby otter Bo goes missing, cheetah mum Kinky Tail is on the operating table, and the meerkats are stealing food. (S3 Ep3) 
18:55The Supervet A Great Dane is rushed to the clinic after losing the use of her back legs. A spaniel needs work after being hit by a car. And an owner travels from Yorkshire with her collie. 
19:55Grand Designs Can Tim and his wife Philomena transform the rusting and rotten hulk of an old lifeboat station in Tenby, south-west Wales, into a beautiful modern home with far-reaching views of the sea? 
21:00New: Walks with My Dog The Reverend Richard Coles explores Scotland's coast of Galloway. Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton heads up the Chilterns. And Selina Scott walks the North York moors. (S2 Ep3/6) 
22:00The Yorkshire Dales and the Lakes At Bleak Bank farm it's time to gather in the sheep. The Leyburn Brass Band prepare for a big show. And Trudy wants to revive Bootle by opening an estate agents. (Ep3) 
23:0524 Hours in A&E This episode explores the ways grown men deal with pain and injury, from a cyst on the knee to a dislocated shoulder that takes a five-strong team to pull back into place. (S2 Ep4) 
00:10Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon visits Cafe Tavolini, a restaurant that is more than just a culinary disaster. Run by a husband and wife, the business is being neglected as the couple teeter on the edge of divorce. 
01:10Walks with My Dog The Reverend Richard Coles explores Scotland's coast of Galloway. Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton heads up the Chilterns. And Selina Scott walks the North York moors. (S2 Ep3/6) 
02:15Grand Designs Kevin McCloud travels to south Devon to meet Sue and Martin, whose dream is to create a family home from two run-down barns, using an ad hoc design and old English building techniques. 
03:158 Out of 10 Cats: Uncut Jimmy Carr and team captains Sean Lock and Jon Richardson are joined by guests Patsy Palmer, Jack Whitehall, Krishnan Guru-Murthy and Joe Wilkinson for an extended version of the show. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.