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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, October 2 2016

06:00Quantum Leap Mirror Image In the last ever episode, Sam arrives in the bar of a small mining town, where many of the local faces look strangely familiar. Will Sam make it home? (S5 Ep22) 
07:00Quantum Leap Genesis - Part 1: Dr Sam Beckett leaps into the body of an Air Force pilot after a failed experiment. To leave the body again, Sam has to complete the pilot's mission. (S1 Ep1) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:0010,000 Days Film In the aftermath of a cataclysmic comet strike, one family trying to survive on a frozen Earth find an object from the past. (2015) 
13:00Battle of Los Angeles Film Seventy years after US forces spotted an unidentified flying object hovering above Los Angeles, the alien invaders return to finish what they started. (2011) 
15:00Age of Ice Film An American family on holiday in Egypt are thrown into a battle for survival when earthquakes drag the Middle East into an uninhabitable ice age. (2014) 
16:50Lara Croft: Tomb Raider Film Angelina Jolie brings video game heroine Lara Croft to life in this action-adventure, which sees her tracking down a powerful ancient artifact. Also stars Daniel Craig. (2001) 
19:00Iron Man: Rise of Technovore Film Avenging an attack on James Rhodes, Tony Stark teams up with the Punisher but must also evade SHIELD's attempts to stop him. With the voice of Norman Reedus. (2013) 
21:00Sin City Film Four linked tales of violence and betrayal from the grim noirish landscape of Basin City, where life is cheap and corruption omnipresent. Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson and Bruce Willis star. (2005) 
23:30Below Film During the Second World War, the constricted spaces of a US submarine become the scene of a terrifying ordeal for the crew. 
01:30Summer Shark Attack Film A fun trip becomes a nightmare when a group of freshwater sharks attack. A family enlist a survivalist to help defeat the sharks before it's too late. (2016) 
03:30Todd & the Book of Pure Evil C**kfight When Todd reveals a bully's embarrassing secret, the latter uses the Book in an attempt to remedy the issue. Before long, Curtis has been petrified. (S1 Ep8) 
04:002012: Ice Age Film When a volcanic eruption in Iceland sends a glacier hurtling toward North America, a family struggles to escape the onslaught of the coming ice age. (2011) 
06:00Star Trek: Deep Space Nine The House of Quark Quark founds his own 'House of Quark' after he lies about murdering a Klingon by the name of Kozak, and must marry the widow, Grilka. (S3 Ep3)