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Listings for Scifi on Sunday, July 12 2020

06:00100 Degrees Below Zero Film Clouds of volcanic ash cause a total eclipse of the sun, leading Earth's temperature to plummet and casting its inhabitants into a modern ice age. (2013) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00End of the World Film A family flee from a series of natural disasters caused by a solar storm, seeking relative safety in nearby caves. (2018) 
13:00My Pet Dinosaur Film After an experiment goes awry, a boy makes a new friend. But as the latter's size keeps increasing, their small town is plunged into chaos. (2017) 
15:00The Librarian: Quest for the Spear Film Following the theft of a valuable artefact, a librarian teams up with a martial arts expert and embarks on a quest to track down the culprit. (2004) 
17:00Goosebumps Film A boy meets Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine, and inadvertently releases the monsters trapped in his books. With Jack Black. (2015) 
19:10Flight of the Navigator Film A young boy learns that his brain holds hidden memories of a trip to a distant planet aboard an alien spaceship. With Sarah Jessica Parker and Paul Reubens. (1986) 
21:00XXX 2: State of the Union Film A former Navy SEAL is released from prison and inducted into a covert agency, then sent to prevent a coup in Washington DC. With Ice Cube, Willem Dafoe. (2005) 
23:10Spides The Ties That Bind Unconvinced of her sister's death, Nora sets out to find her. Marie's brother is set to testify against a mob boss. (S1 Ep4) 
00:10The Leftovers Axis Mundi As the fourth anniversary of the Departure approaches, people flock to a Texas town which lost nobody to the event. (S2 Ep1) 
01:20The Leftovers A Matter of Geography The events leading to the Garveys' move to Miracle are revealed, as are the downsides of the town's extreme desirability. (S2 Ep2) 
02:20Curse of the Dream Witch Film A group of friends, all in the grip of the same nightmare, travel to a remote location to seek treatment - only to be met with harrowing results. (2018) 
04:10Earthstorm Film A demolitions expert is drafted in to help save the Earth when an asteroid collides with the moon, threatening all life on our planet. Stephen Baldwin stars. (2006) 
06:00Eureka Friendly Fire As the Astraeus crew attempt to overcome their traumatic experiences, Fargo deals with Holly's death and Grace struggles to maintain her relationship. (S5 Ep5)