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Listings for BBC 2 Scotland on Saturday, January 27 2018

04:10This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S] 
06:05The Wonder of Animals 1/12. Penguins: Chris Packham explores what makes animal groups successful. He looks at how the penguin's legs, wings and body shape have allowed it to adapt to a range of environments. [AD,S] 
06:35Naomi's Nightmares of Nature CBBC. 14/15. Behind the Screams: Naomi presents a special edition of the nature show, taking viewers on a behind-the-scenes tour that reveals the challenges of battling with nature on location. [S] 
07:05The Pets Factor CBBC. 4/10. Tilly, Pretzel, Bambi and Jasper: Documentary series. James gets a visit from a python, while Cat gets an earful from Jasper the itchy cavapoo. Cheryl tends to a cute pomeranian pup. [S] 
07:30Matilda and The Ramsay Bunch CBBC. 7/15. The US Sportsday: Matilda Ramsay and her family are in LA to make food and have fun. Matilda cooks up a picnic to eat as they watch the world series of beach volleyball. [S] 
07:45Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch CBBC. 8/15. The Sleepover: Matilda tries to banish the boys and have a girls-only sleepover. Megan, Holly and their friend Elspeth head off to check out the night stars at a planetarium. [S] 
08:00The Dengineers CBBC. Hollywood Cinema Den: Mark and Lauren get the help of experts to design dream dens for children. The Dengineers build 11-year-old Lola an old-fashioned cinema den. [S] 
08:30Deadly Top 10 CBBC. 4/5. Toxic: Steve Backshall counts down his ultimate top ten deadly creatures. Steve is on a mission to choose his ten favourite toxic animals. [S] 
09:00Robot Wars 3/6. Presented by Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon. Glitterbomb, designed by nine-year-old April, comes complete with a huge pink axe. [S] 
10:00Robot Wars 4/6. Robot-fighting series. This show features 'launcher' Apollo, a robot with huge piercing claws, a future-tech machine called Sweeney Todd and PP3D, built using 3D-printed parts. [S] 
11:00Snow Wolf Family and Me 2/2. Gordon Buchanan reunites with his white wolf family as they try to raise their pups and prepare for winter. Gordon walks with wolves as they hunt lemmings, musk ox and hares. [AD,S] 
12:00Hairy Bikers' Mediterranean... ...Adventure. 4/6. The bikers are in southern France, heading from Marseille to Catalan country. It is a journey rich in culinary delights, historical landmarks and heart-warming people. [AD,S] 
13:00A Vicar's Life 3/6. A behind-the-scenes look at the lives of country vicars. After his ordination, new curate Father Matthew is determined to make an impression in his new parish. [AD,S] 
13:30The Diary of Anne Frank Film Oscar-winning adaptation of the famous true story. German-occupied Amsterdam, 1942. Young teen Anne details how, to escape persecution the Franks take refuge with another family. [B&W, 1959] [S] 
16:15Italy's Invisible Cities 1/3. Naples: Documentary series. Using the latest 3D technology, Alexander Armstrong and Dr Michael Scott uncover the hidden history in Naples from its earliest Greek and Roman origins. [AD,S] 
17:15Trust Me, I'm a Doctor Michael Mosley runs an experiment to find out which foods are best for providing the essential but neglected nutrient iodine, and Giles Yeo discovers why stress can make you fat. [S] 
17:45Tom Kerridge's Lose Weight for... ...Good. 4/6. Tom Kerridge helps local dieters lose weight for good. Tom sets about inventing lower calorie alternatives to takeaways and ready meals. [AD,S] 
18:15Hugh's Wild West 4/12. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall celebrates the wildlife of the West Country and the people who care for it. Hugh is on the Dorset/Devon border, investigating the return the beaver. [AD,S] 
19:15A House Through Time 3/4. The story of those who lived in one house, from the time it was built until now. David Olusoga follows the story from 1891 to 1945, through two World Wars and the Great Depression. [AD,S] 
20:15Dad's Army 10/13. Brain versus Brawn: Classic wartime sitcom. The members of the platoon disguise themselves as firemen during an exercise, but then they are called upon to tackle a real blaze. [S] 
20:45Grand Tours of Scotland's Lochs 4/6. Through the Rough Bounds: Paul Murton tours Scotland's lochs. He travels into the heart of the Rough Bounds of Knoydart via Loch nan Umbh, Loch Morar, Loch Nevis and Loch Arkaig. [S] 
21:15New: QI XL 13/16. Omnishambles: Sandi Toksvig organises an omnishambles with Josh Widdicombe, Stephen K Amos, Cally Beaton and Alan Davies. [S] 
22:00Darcey Bussell's New Dance Darcey Bussell steps out of the world of ballet to pick two modern dance works that take familiar genres into uncharted territory. [AD,S] 
22:30Birdman Film Powerful, Oscar-winning drama about a former movie star, haunted by self-doubt, who gambles all on mounting a Broadway production of a Raymond Carver short story on Broadway. [2014] [S] 
00:20Bowls: World Championships... ...Highlights. Highlights from both semi-finals in the men's singles at the World Indoor Bowls Championships in Norfolk. Presented by Rishi Persad with commentary by David Corkill and John Price. [S] 
01:20Girl with a Pearl Earring Film Drama with Scarlett Johansson and Colin Firth. A maid employed by Johannes Vermeer charms him to the point he feels compelled to paint her portrait. Contains adult themes. [2003] [AD,S] 
02:55This Is BBC Two Highlights of programmes on BBC Two. [S] 
06:00The A to Z of TV Gardening 26/28. Letter X, Y & Z: A look at some of the BBC's most popular gardening programmes, presented by Carol Kirkwood. Carol explores subjects that all begin with the letters X, Y and Z. [S]