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Listings for CBBC on Sunday, February 2 2020

06:00This is CBBC! This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
07:00Arthur Ladonna's Like List. Animated adventures of a young aardvark. Ladonna Compson is friendly, funny, and full of personality. Everyone likes her! At least, that's what she thought. [S] 
07:15Shaun the Sheep Double Trouble. Animated series set on a remote rural farm. A bored Shaun dresses up as the farmer to entertain the flock. All goes to plan until Bitzer puts two and two together. [S] 
07:20Danger Mouse Send in the Clones. Animated series. Our dynamic duo take on a shoddy army of knock-offs when alien Quark creates cheap copies of Danger Mouse and Penfold. [S,AD] 
07:35Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed! Call of the Wild. Animated series. When Gnasher gets sent to obedience school for gnashing Mrs Creecher's saxophone, Dennis tries to learn why he did it. [S] 
07:45The Zoo Otter Madness. Comedy series following real-life animals in a zoo. The zoo's animals love learning new tricks. Football-obsessed otters Willie and Wilby, however, aren't interested. [S,AD] 
07:55Odd Squad Drop Gadget Repeat. The Odd Squad investigates strange events. The agents try to escape from a time loop. [S,AD] 
08:10Diddy TV Mr Choosy. Diddy Dick and Dom have their very own TV station. More posh cat drama in Downton Moggy and 'live' nature coverage in Guffwatch. [S] 
08:25New: The Dog Ate My Homework Kadisha v Ben. Hacker T Dog is joined Adam B and team captains Kadisha and Ben, with guests Ed Petrie, Bec Hill, Daniel Cook and Stevie Martin, in this hilarious comedy panel show. [S] 
09:00Blue Peter The 2020 Sport Badge Competition. We're launching a very exciting competition this week - the chance for you to design this year's Blue Peter Sport Badge! [S] 
09:30Art Ninja Day of the Lucky Trunks. Ricky draws and paints with his friends and family. Before he joins his friends at the beach, Ricky shows how to make cool stuff. [S] 
10:00Newsround 02/02/2020. Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
10:05Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch The Massive Jump. Matilda Ramsay and her family make food and have fun. Matilda and the Ramsay Bunch go coasteering on the rocky Cornish coastline. [S] 
10:20Match of the Day: Can You Kick It? Trials Day 4: The Pressure is Building. Sam and Mark and world champion freestyler John Farnworth search for the UK's best young technical freestyle footballers. [S] 
10:50The Next Step Three's A Crowd. Piper tries to ignite a friendship between Finn and Amy, but it quickly turns into a disaster. [S] 
11:10Odd Squad Deposit Slip-Up. Odd Squad builds an exact replica of the villain's vault to intercept a jetpack. [S,AD] 
11:20Odd Squad Villains Always Win. Olympia tries to win back a stolen gadget on a villain game show. [S,AD] 
11:35Horrible Histories Mind Your Manners. Jane Austen is on Historical Love Island. Plus, why you shouldn't hold farts in. [S,AD] 
12:05Newsround 02/02/2020. Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
12:10A Week to Beat The World The Mongolia Story. The girls' team and presenter Camille Ucan are in Mongolia, being introduced to the nomadic way of life and experiencing their legendary horseback skills for themselves. [S] 
12:40All Over the Place: UK Mail Train, Lava Floor and Onion Eating. Ed Petrie and friends compete in an onion-eating competition in Newent, catch London's underground mail train, eat Arbroath smokies, and more. [S] 
13:05Operation Ouch! Don't Panic About Puberty (Special). In this special episode, Dr Chris and Dr Xand take a look at what happens to your body, and why, when you reach puberty. [S] 
13:35My Life: Ninja Girl Ninja Girl! Documentary following ten-year-old world champion kick boxer Jesse-Jane, who travels the globe taking part in competitions. [S,AD] 
13:55Newsround 02/02/2020. Topical news magazine for children. [S] 
14:00The Worst Witch The Three Impossibilities. When a botched potions experiment leaves Mildred with a whole new look, can she complete three impossible challenges and reverse the spell before the sun goes down? [S,AD] 
14:304 O'Clock Club Museum. Comedy series. Bell agrees to take Maddie's son on a trip to the local museum - but loses him! And Amber tries to convince Ingrid that mummies really exist. [S] 
14:554 O'Clock Club Space. Comedy series. Polly launches a phone into space on a weather balloon. And Owen tries to earn his Scouts entertainment badge. [S] 
15:254 O'Clock Club Rats. Comedy series. Isaac tries to catch a mouse in school using Darnesh's cat, with disastrous consequences. And Polly tries to help Owen move on. [S] 
15:554 O'Clock Club Holiday. Comedy series. CJ wins a family holiday and has to get Bell and Maddie to pretend they're married. Polly holds a raffle for cash to decorate the common room. [S] 
16:254 O'Clock Club Nanna Murphy. Comedy series. Fleur and Eleesha get out of a trip with Polly by inventing Fleur's fake nanna. But when Polly realises they're lying, she decides to take her revenge. [S] 
16:504 O'Clock Club Talent. Comedy series. Polly plans the end-of-year Talent Show - but could it mean the end of her school career? And Amber tries to impress Ingrid. [S] 
17:20The Playlist 01/02/2020. Celebrity hosts give us a run-down of the top tracks on their Playlists! [S] 
17:40My Life: It Takes Two It Takes Two. Documentary series. Twins Imogen and Amelia, who were born with achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, prepare to dance in the prestigious Blackpool Tower Ballroom. [S,AD] 
18:00The Pets Factor Spot, PJ and Raptor. Rory visits the man who inspired him to become a vet - but can he help Mr Benson save Jack Russell Spot? [S] 
18:25A Week to Beat the World Kenya Day 3. The girls' team and presenter Camille Ucan are in Kenya, learning the sporting skills of the Maasai warrior tribe. Today, they learn spear throwing and meet some wildlife. [S] 
18:40Top Class Round 4: Great Kingshill CofE v Broad Heath Primary. Broad Heath Primary vs Great Kingshill CofE in a quiz show to win the title of Top Class. [S] 
19:10My Perfect Landing A Day at Cortez. A reporter visits Cortez Gymnastics to write a review of the gym, but things get complicated when he turns out to be Gus's old rival. [S] 
19:35Almost Never Time to Say Goodbye. Nate is in turmoil with Chloe and the boys, then Sasha makes him an offer he can't refuse. [S] 
20:00Nikki Lilly Meets Jacqueline Wilson. Nikki Lilly meets one of her idols - award-winning children's writer Dame Jacqueline Wilson, to share stories and cake. [S] 
20:10The Dumping Ground Somebody. Sasha becomes convinced that a well-known street artist has stolen her idea and her uphill battle to prove the truth and defend her rights opens up further wounds. [S,AD] 
20:35The Next Step Rock and a Hard Place. Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. When Emily holds dance evaluations for placements in the group dance, she puts Michelle in the back row. [S] 
21:00This is CBBC! This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
00:00This is CBBC! This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am. 
06:00This is CBBC! This is CBBC! Join the CBBC crew for all your favourite programmes. Tune into CBBC every day from 7.00am.