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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Sunday, February 2 2020

06:00Fish Town The locals decide to raise 150,000 pounds for a memorial commemorating fishermen lost at sea. Plus, Pat considers taking part in a skydive, and the search for scallops begins. (7/10) 
07:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. Berlin: Richard E Grant explores classic hotels, pleasure palaces and hipster havens in the German capital. (S2, ep 3) 
08:00Richard E Grant's Hotel... ...Secrets. New Orleans: The actor visits the finest hotels in the Big Easy, including the Monteleone, popular with writers such as F Scott Fitzgerald. (S2, ep 4) 
09:00Without A Trace Wanted When a missing teenager is last seen being picked up by her mum after school, the team discovers that the girl had a secret life. (S7, ep 11) 
10:00Without A Trace Believe Me The agents search for a missing bar owner who has a statue of Saint Theresa that is believed to produce miracles. (S7, ep 12) 
11:00Without A Trace Once Lost When the team search for Elena's former partner, who disappeared during an undercover sting operation, the case forces Elena to confront some of her past actions. (S7, ep 13) 
12:00Without A Trace Friends and Neighbours Two neighbours are abducted from their homes, and the case takes an unexpected turn when the team discovers the abductor's identity. (S7, ep 14) 
13:00Without A Trace Chameleon When a man who was posing as a college student vanishes, the team uncovers his long history of deception. (S7, ep 15) 
14:00Without A Trace Skeletons A mother and her infant son vanish after the mother attends a self-defence class and the team must determine whether any foul play was involved. (S7, ep 16) 
15:00Without A Trace Voir Dire The team investigates when a trial consultant vanishes while working on a case. Meanwhile, Jack and Sam learn to adjust as Brian spends more time with Finn. (S7, ep 17) 
16:00Blue Bloods The Art of War Season five bows out with the conclusion to a shocking two-part story. Danny must keep his emotions in check as he leads the hunt for a shooter. (S5, ep 22) 
17:00Blue Bloods Pilot Tom Selleck is the New York City Police Commissioner and head of the Reagan family in this brand new police drama about a multi-generational clan of cops. (S1, ep 1) 
18:00Blue Bloods Samaritan Cop drama starring Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg. The Reagans get involved when a member of the public takes action against a man terrorising subway passengers. (S1, ep 2) 
19:00Blue Bloods Privilege Danny leads the investigation into a trio of attacks with links to the Deputy Counsel of Argentina. Plus, Frank questions his relationship with Kelly. (S1, ep 3) 
20:00Blue Bloods Officer Down When an off-duty NYPD officer is killed, the prime suspect has links to a famous old-school mob boss known to Henry from his days on the force. (S1, ep 4) 
21:00New: The New Pope New & Exclusive. The terrorist threat becomes all the more menacing. Meanwhile, Assente's policies begin to undermine the Church's credibility. (7 of 9) 
22:10New: The New Pope New & Exclusive. Having uncovered John Paul III's secrets, Voiello begins his plan to regain power. Meanwhile, Lenny Belardo secretly returns to the Vatican. (8 of 9) 
23:20The Outsider New & Exclusive. Que Viene El Coco: Holly digs into an eerily similar case, Meanwhile, Jack's behaviour grows even more erratic. Contains violent, distressing and sexual scenes. (S1, ep 4) 
00:30Oz Strange Bedfellows Said represents Schilinger at his trial, while Dr. Nathan confronts O'Reily about her husband's death. (S2, ep 6) 
01:45Life Itself: Special A special look at the latest Sky Cinema Original Film - a multi-generational tale of life, loss and love starring Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde, Olivia Cooke and Antonio Banderas. 
02:00New: The Outsider New & Exclusive. Tear-Drinker: Holly desperately hunts for clues connected to the Dayton case. Jeannie gives Ralph an ominous warning. Strong language and distressing scenes. (S1, ep 5) 
03:05Without A Trace Rewind The investigation into the disappearance of a paraplegic man leads the team to discover that he harboured a dark secret. (S7, ep 7) 
04:00Storm City Earthquakes are a geological hazard as old as the earth itself and, in this final episode, Ben Fogle discovers how they wreak so much havoc. (4/4) 
05:00Urban Secrets Experience actor Alan Cumming's tour of the UK, as he uncovers the secrets of Britain's cities. Beginning in London, he travels from St Paul's Cathedral to Soho. (1/8) 
06:00Fish Town Brixham's fishermen are back on dry land for the annual Trawler Race, a celebration of their relationship with the sea. Pat isn't in the mood for raucous revellers though... (5/10)