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Listings for Sky Atlantic on Saturday, December 14 2019

06:00Storm City Earthquakes are a geological hazard as old as the earth itself and, in this final episode, Ben Fogle discovers how they wreak so much havoc. (4/4) 
07:00The British Treasure Island This factual series tells the story of our nation through CGI, re-enactments & interviews with famous faces. (1/7) 
08:00David Attenborough: Micro Monsters Predator It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, and the documentary continues with a look at how the various critters defuse the defences of their prey. (Ep 2 of 6) 
08:30David Attenborough's Bachelor King Filmed on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia over a period of five months, Sir David Attenborough's immersive documentary explores the extraordinary lives of king penguins. 
10:00Making Of David Attenborough's... ...Bachelor King. An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at David Attenborough's forthcoming documentary. A must-see for anyone with a penchant for penguins. 
11:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Blood Lust After a 14-year-old boy is run over and killed by a taxi, Grissom investigates when the driver is targeted by a mob. (S3, ep 9) 
12:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation High And Low Grissom, Warrick and Nick investigate the case of man who was apparently murdered and pushed off a six-storey building. (S3, ep 10) 
13:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recipe For Murder Grissom and Catherine investigate a grisly murder at a slaughterhouse, while Warrick and Sara probe an apparent suicide. (S3, ep 11) 
14:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Got Murder? The discovery of a human eye in a raven's nest leads investigators to a landfill site, where a female with a crushed skull is found. (S3, ep 12) 
15:00CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Random Acts Of Violence Warrick allows his emotions to get the better of him after a friend's nine-year-old daughter is killed in her home during a drive-by shooting. (S3, ep 13) 
16:00Without A Trace Lone Star When an estate agent vanishes, clues about his disappearance reveal a secret life and lead the detectives to a slavery and prostitution ring. (S3, ep 17) 
17:00Without A Trace Transitions While the team investigate the disappearance of a woman that could be the result of a hate crime, Vivian tries to hide her condition from her colleagues. (S3, ep 18) 
18:00Without A Trace Second Sight While Vivian recovers from a heart attack, the team investigate the disappearance of a psychic who recently had an angry confrontation with a man. (S3, ep 19) 
19:00Without A Trace The Bogie Man When a teenager disappears from a small town, locals suspect that a man they believe killed a girl years before is involved. John Krasinski guest stars. (S3, ep 20) 
20:00Without A Trace Off The Tracks When his brother disappears, Danny suspects financial troubles may be a factor after learning that he had recently applied for a business loan. (S3, ep 21) 
21:00Game Of Thrones The Climb Robb agrees to a compromise with House Frey, while Tywin Lannister tries to strike an alliance with Olenna Tyrell. Strong language/sex/mature themes/flashing images. (S3, ep 6) 
22:10Game Of Thrones The Bear and the Maiden Fair Daenerys trades gifts with a slave master and Melisandre reveals a secret. Sex/strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S3, ep 7) 
23:25Game Of Thrones Second Sons Daenerys meets a mercenary company known as the Second Sons, while Melisandre demonstrates her power to Davos. Sex/strong language/mature themes/flashing images. (S3, ep 8) 
00:40Silicon Valley New & Exclusive. Exit Event: Richard makes a startling discovery that has the team racing to pull off one of the biggest feats Silicon Valley has ever seen. Last ever episode. (S6, ep 7) 
01:30True Detective The Secret Fate of All Life Rust and Marty are praised as heroes after they get their man. Strong language/violence/mature themes. (S1, ep 5) 
02:35True Detective Haunted Houses Five years on from the Lange case, Rust is suspicious that there was more to the murder. Strong language/violence/sex/mature themes. (S1, ep 6) 
03:45Nurse Jackie Day of the Iguana Jackie's new lawyer gears her up for battle, while the staff humour an ex-employee (Cabaret's Joel Grey) who has dementia. Strong language/mature themes. (S4, ep 7) 
04:20The British War and Peace The factual series closes with the turbulent and triumphant 20th century. CGI and drama re-create World War I and Queen Elizabeth II's coronation. (7/7) 
05:10Urban Secrets Experience actor Alan Cumming's tour of the UK, as he uncovers the secrets of Britain's cities. Beginning in London, he travels from St Paul's Cathedral to Soho. (1/8) 
06:00The Guest Wing Go behind the beautiful facades of some of the country's finest stately homes to discover how 21st-century aristocrats have adapted to life in credit-crunch Britain. (Episode 1 of 6)