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Listings for Mtv on Thursday, January 30 2020

06:0016 and Pregnant Alex finding out she's pregnant at 16 puts everything on hold. Her boyfriend Matt is also growing increasingly unreliable, and Alex considers whether adoption might be the best choice. (S4, ep5) 
07:1016 and Pregnant Jordan's mother has never been her boyfriend Tyler's biggest fan, and the tension between the two only gets worse when Jordan gets pregnant. (S4, ep6) 
08:0016 and Pregnant Myranda finds that love isn't the answer to everything when she gets pregnant. As her mum battles substance abuse, Myranda and boyfriend Eric struggle with preparing for a baby on their own. (S4, ep7) 
09:0016 and Pregnant Sarah and Blake were high school sweethearts, until an unexpected pregnancy begins to pull them apart. Blake wants to move away for work, but Sarah needs him to stick around for their baby. (S4, ep8) 
10:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Ashley gets back on track with school. Kayla understands she may have to drop out of school to take care of Izaiah. Brianna struggles to balance multiple jobs and childcare. (S2, ep1) 
11:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna reaches out to her ex. Kayla's boyfriend plans to move out of state. Rachel decides she doesn't want a paternity test. Kiaya worries her girlfriend isn't taking parenthood seriously. (S2, ep2) 
12:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Kayla starts to deal with her second pregnancy. Rachel is due any day but her family is forced to worry about her sister instead. Kiaya questions Teazha's commitment to their relationship. (S2, ep3) 
13:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant Brianna gets a paternity test for Braeson. Kayla finally tells her mom the news about her pregnancy. Rachel gives birth and makes a decision about the birth certificate. (S2, ep4) 
14:00Catfish: Filtered Fakers Courtney broke up with Isaak, who she met online. He's doing everything to get her back. Beauty queen Cassidy Wolf joins Nev to get Isaak to leave Courtney alone for good. (S4, ep2) 
15:00Catfish: Filtered Fakers Chitara took a big leap and came out to her family when she met Priscilla online, but Priscilla ended their relationship unexpectedly. Now Chitara is determined to find out what happened. (S4, ep5) 
16:00Catfish: Filtered Fakers Ray is determined to meet his online love Lexi. After learning that her sister has meddled in their relationship in the past, Nev and Max find themselves with more questions than answers. (S5, ep7) 
17:00Catfish: Filtered Fakers Danny is intent on building a life with his online love, despite her violent past. But when he enlists Nev and Max to help him meet her, they discover she may have ties to a former Catfish! (S6, ep3) 
18:00Catfish: Filtered Fakers Nev and Max receive emails from opposite sides of the same online romance, each concerned that the other may be a catfish! What happens next leaves Nev and Max stunned! (S6, ep8) 
19:00Catfish: The TV Show Nev and Nick Young, aka Swaggy P, help Sheila figure out if she's being romanced by Love & Hip Hop's Rich Dollaz. Is it a fan girl crush or is Sheila really talking to the reality star? (S7, ep21) 
20:00New: Siesta Key Madisson's father disapproves of her much older man. Cara is apprehensive to make a clean break with Garrett. Juliette's romance leaves Chloe questioning Robby, leading to a confrontation. (S3, ep2) 
21:00New: Floribama Shore The roommates try to protect Codi while calming an enraged Gus. Aimee can't help but think the worst when Dillon doesn't pick up his phone. Jeremiah invites a girl over for a Sunday Funday. (S3, ep4) 
22:00Catfish: The TV Show Laura joins Nev to help Angel find her online love, Antonio. He claims to live in Angel's small town, yet is never able to meet her! It's clear Antonio is keeping a major secret. (S7, ep40) 
23:00Just Tattoo Of Us Love fills the air as Geordie Shore's Thalia and mum Vanessa get inked. All's not well for Liam and Amber. Will jokers Hollie and Chelsea see the funny side of their tattoos? (S5, ep10) 
00:00New: Ridiculousness Austin Mahone joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to talk about grandparents who are Grandpositive, the experience of Lake Aches, and things that happen Only In Japan. (S14, ep32) 
00:30Ridiculousness Lil Jon joins Rob, Chanel, and Steelo to end the party in Turn Down For This, have the hardest Christmas ever in Merry Crunk-mas, and to say "I do" in Unique Proposals. (S14, ep31) 
01:00Jackass Johnny Knoxville gets looks of disbelief as he frantically tries to get his blood-soaked car washed. Also features krazy glue test, extreme unicycle, poo switcheroo and bottle skating! (S2, ep13) 
01:30Jackass Rake Yohn and Johnny Knoxville suit up in haz-mat gear to transfer an unknown chemical through the streets of Portland. Also features the human pinata, carpet skating and paintball draw! (S2, ep14) 
02:00Jackass Follow Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and Chris Pontius as they race through fifteen countries in five days for the Gumball rally, having found their car just seven hours before! (S2, ep17) 
02:45Ridiculousness Soulful singer Allen Stone joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to put smiles to the test in "Testing Positive" and get frustrated with technology in "Tech Wrecked". (S12, ep19) 
03:10Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo help fold up some "Human Origami" and celebrate some "Casual Badasses". (S12, ep20) 
03:35Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo welcome social media superstar Amanda Cerny to talk about "Bad Influencers" and the fitness confused, known as "Gymbeciles". (S12, ep21) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Jane starts dating a guy, to the annoyance of her misanthropic friend Daria. (S3, ep13)