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Listings for Scifi on Friday, November 22 2019

06:00Star Trek: Voyager Night When Voyager travels through a region of dark space that contains high amounts of theta radiation, the ship loses power. (S5 Ep1) 
07:00Star Trek: Voyager Drone In an attempt to beam back following an away mission, the Doctor's DNA and parts of Seven of Nine's nanoprobes combine to create a new Borg. (S5 Ep2) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Primeval Episode 6: Jenny Lewis's wedding is disrupted by a pack of wolf-like creatures that have killed the wedding planner. Ethan sets a lethal boobytrap. (S4 Ep6) 
12:00Merlin The Eye of the Phoenix Arthur must journey alone to seek out an ancient magician and retrieve a golden trident to prove his right to the throne. (S3 Ep8) 
13:00Merlin Love in the Time of Dragons A healer is in Camelot, using magic to heal the sick, and Gaius quickly realises it is Alice, a woman from his past. (S3 Ep9) 
14:00Air Collision Film An electromagnetic storm causes air traffic chaos, putting Air Force One on a collision course with a passenger plane. (2012) 
16:00Primeval Episode 7: When a pair of anomalies opens in a prison, Danny Quinn meets Ethan and makes a surprising revelation to him. (S4 Ep7) 
17:00Star Trek: Voyager Friendship One Starfleet Command tasks the crew with locating a missing probe which has interfered with the development of an alien race. (S7 Ep21) 
18:00Star Trek: Voyager Natural Law After a shuttle crash, Seven of Nine and Chakotay find themselves stranded on an alien planet populated by primitive inhabitants. (S7 Ep22) 
19:00Merlin Queen of the Hearts When Morgana is tormented by dreams in which Guinevere becomes Queen, Morgause urges her to reveal Arthur and Gwen's courtship to Uther. (S3 Ep10) 
20:00Merlin The Sorcerer's Shadow As Camelot's legendary no-rules fighting tournament starts, the city is filled with warriors looking for fame. (S3 Ep11) 
21:00Highlander III The Final Dimension Film In this fantasy sequel, Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) travels to Japan - and soon finds himself facing off against a deadly new foe. Also starring Mario Van Peebles. (1994) 
23:00Bounty Killer Film In a post-apocalyptic world, celebrity assassins hunt down the corporate criminals responsible for bringing about the end of civilisation. (2013) 
01:00Killjoys The Kids Are Alright In order to rescue Westerley's stolen children, the team must brave the RAC. Pippin and Zeph's relationship develops. (S4 Ep9) 
02:00Killjoys Sporemageddon Aneela takes Johnny and D'av into Greenspace in the hope of defeating the Lady. (S4 Ep10) 
03:00Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Bar Fright/Mexico City Cave Witch Bill, Lanisha and Devin visit a bar in Texas where video of an exploding ashtray supports the bar's claims of poltergeist activity. (S2 Ep12) 
04:0030,000 Leagues Under the Sea Film In his advanced vessel, embittered rogue submariner Captain Nemo plots vengeance against the surface world. With Lorenzo Lamas and Kerry Washington. (2007) 
06:00Star Trek: Voyager Extreme Risk The crew decide to build a new craft, to be called the Delta Flyer. Meanwhile, B'Elanna inexplicably puts herself in dangerous situations. (S5 Ep3)