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Listings for Discovery on Saturday, March 3 2018

06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island In 1524, a hoard of Incan gold was stolen. Now a theory has emerged about the treasure's possible location: a remote site that is home to thousands of deadly vipers. S1, Ep5 
07:00Chasing Classic Cars Wayne lets his freak flag fly when he lands a chance to get up close to a totally psychedelic 1965 Porsche 356C 1600 Cabriolet owned by Janis Joplin. S8, Ep11 
07:30Chasing Classic Cars Two custom car legends joined forces to create a 1956 Chrysler 300B Custom hardtop - how will it fare at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction? S8, Ep12 
08:00Chasing Classic Cars Paul Teutel Jr. usually creates crazy custom bikes on 'American Chopper', but has since built up a car collection and now wants to take it in a new direction. S8, Ep13 
08:30Chasing Classic Cars Wayne travels to the Midwest to inspect an eclectic collection of cars including cool classics, some ornate 30s era cars and a huge vintage lumber truck. S8, Ep14 
09:00Fast N' Loud Richard, Aaron, and the crew try to update a '48 Chevy Fleetmaster. They then face a tough Oklahoma crowd at the auction for their Chevy and a '63 Caddy. S1, Ep7 
10:00Fast N' Loud The Gas Monkey crew revives a rusty '59 Rambler. And Richard's new Willis Coupe Gasser could be worth $200K if Richard can prove its connection to a legendary drag racing team. S1, Ep8 
11:00Wheeler Dealers This iconic three-wheeler is about to celebrate its 60th birthday, so the boys spy a chance to take advantage. But can the duo sell this tiny car for mega-money? S12, Ep15 
12:00Wheeler Dealers Mike goes to France in search of a retro-cool CitroŽn HY Van. Edd isn't impressed with his spoils, knowing it will be a costly renovation. But can they find a buyer? S12, Ep16 
13:00Blowing Up History New finds explore the secrets of Tutankhamun's tomb. Experts reveal how his untimely death, calamitous burial, and an act of God made a minor king so iconic. S2, Ep1 
14:00Alaska: The Last Frontier The Kilchers return. With the family legacy at risk, they start a homestead revamp. Blindsided by a huge snowstorm, they have a lot of work to do. S7, Ep1 
15:00Alaska: The Last Frontier The family teams up to rescue a tractor, but the pressure is on Otto to start it before the ice road melts - and he puts his safety on the line. S7, Ep2 
16:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Otto feels the heat after a chimney fire threatens to destroy his cabin. Meanwhile, Atz Lee and Jane embark on a dangerous ice fishing mission. S7, Ep3 
17:00Alaska: The Last Frontier Otto and Eivin prep the barge for its biggest mission yet - moving wild buffalo. Plus, Jane and Charlotte lead the Kilchers' first all-female cattle drive. S7, Ep4 
18:00Mythbusters The MythBusters investigate if it's possible to unblock a toilet with molten salt. The results are explosive, but has this salt really got game to fix your throne? S11, Ep14 
19:00Garage Rehab After being turned down by an ATV shop in Louisiana, Richard Rawlings heads to Oklahoma, where he meets a genius tuner that co-owns a shop. S1, Ep5 
20:00Wheeler Dealers Mike and Ant share their favourite moments from the series, revealing the hilarious outtakes, behind-the-scenes moments and private insights. S14, Ep9 
21:00Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep5 
21:30Chaos Caught on Camera Amazing tales of human endurance and survival to calamitous engineering failures - all caught on camera. S1, Ep6 
22:00Murder On CCTV In Florida, two loving parents are brutally gunned down. The police must rely on surveillance cameras to catch the killers and bring them to justice. S1, Ep1 
23:00Killing Fields: Murder Isle While the Investigators revisit the body dump-site and look for long lost clues, another cold case is re-opened. Could the two cases be related? S2, Ep3 
00:00Wheeler Dealers Mike decides to go back to the 80s and bags a bargain example of one of his dream cars, but can they only spend £1000 on repairs to ensure a profit? S11, Ep1 
01:00Wheeler Dealers Mike goes in search of what many consider to be the last truly great Porsche, and he finds the cheapest one in the country. Can the duo get it back to its best? S11, Ep2 
02:00Wheeler Dealers Mike finds a Mazda Coupe that appears to have nothing wrong with it and tasks Edd with making a good car even better. But will he rise to the challenge? S11, Ep3 
03:00Wheeler Dealers Mike finds a 56-year-old CitroŽn 2CV retired in the sunny south of France. However, with age comes problems. Can Edd fire life into the smoky old engine? S11, Ep4 
03:50Wheeler Dealers Mike buys a supercar from the super saver menu, specifically an Italian thoroughbred for under £10,000. But with supercars come super-sized bills. S11, Ep5 
04:40Gold Rush Monica Beets takes over as captain of Tony's 350-ton dredge, Parker struggles to haul in his monster new wash plant, and Todd Hoffman gets buried in tailings. S6, Ep11 
05:30How It's Made More everyday items are put under the microscope as we discover how Wild West holsters are manufactured and water video housings are made. S22, Ep25 
06:00Treasure Quest: Snake Island A team of the world's top explorers set out on a journey to find a hoard of Incan gold - known as 'The Treasure of the Trinity' - that was stolen in 1524. S1, Ep6