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Listings for Disney on Monday, April 21 2014

06:00Lilo and Stitch Elastico An activated experiment is working at the circus as a comic, stretchy acrobat. Stitch, feeling neglected, decides to join the circus too, but Lilo wants him back. 
06:30Fish Hooks So-fish-ticated Oscar is uncertain which tie to wear for his date with Angela, so asks more decisive Milo's advice. But Milo's lack of sophistication sees him denied access to a posh tie shop. 
06:45Wizards Of Waverly Place Detention Election During the election Justin is accused of a prank and gets detention. New girl Stevie admits she did it to befriend him and get him the votes of the other kids in detention. 
07:10Jessie The Rosses Get Real Jessie is excited when the Ross family is asked to participate in a reality show about non-traditional families. The producer says there isn't enough drama, so she creates some! 
07:35Austin & Ally Chapters and Choices - Part One: At a book launch Ally finally conquers stage fright and plucks up courage to perform a duet with Austin. Caught up in the moment, they share a spontaneous kiss. New. 
08:00Good Luck Jessie On Christmas Eve, Teddy and PJ head to New York for her university interview and meet Jessie and Zuri. When a blizzard stops them getting home in time for Christmas they call on Jessie for help. 
09:00Good Luck Charlie Up a Tree Bob agrees to cut down the tree that blocks Mrs Dabney's light, but it holds PJ and Teddy's childhood tree-house, and they have a sentimental attachment to it, so they stage a protest. 
09:25Good Luck Charlie PJ in the City Teddy needs to get a tan for a job in a top fashion store where they give a good staff discount. But when Charlie plays with the spray tanner's timer Teddy ends up orange! 
09:55Good Luck Charlie Le Halloween Amy dresses like a kangaroo for Halloween while Bob goes in his exterminator uniform. Amy teases him, but when a bat gets trapped it's Captain Extermo to the rescue. 
10:20Good Luck Charlie Rat-a-Teddy Teddy is pleased when PJ and Emmett flat-sit for neighbours, as she wants to have a slumber party. But the night doesn't go well, because her friends just want to talk about boys. 
10:50Good Luck Charlie Double Whammy Amy gets Teddy to try out to be school mascot, Whammy the Ram. He is intentionally terrible, but still gets the job. PJ arranges a race between Charlie and Emmett's nephew Mason. 
11:15Good Luck Charlie Pushing Buttons Gabe accuses Charlie of leaving the garage door open and allowing his bike to be stolen. Teddy lets slip how she felt when her parents told her they were expecting Charlie. 
11:45Good Luck Charlie Can you Keep a Secret? PJ needs his birth certificate for a school trip, which means Amy and Bob have to own up to him about an embarrassing mistake when they registered his name. 
12:15Good Luck Charlie Battle of the Bands Teddy and Skyler compete against PJ and Emmett in the mall's Battle of the Bands competition, but PJ and Skyler fall for each other. They end up combining bands. 
12:40Good Luck Charlie Scary had a little Lamb In this Halloween themed episode Mrs Dabney tricks Gabe into working for her. PJ changes his style for a girl. Teddy and Amy get revenge by scaring a neighbouring boy. 
13:10Good Luck Charlie Demolition Dabney Amy searches for a new segment for her TV show, and decides to film Teddy's Yale interview - but it doesn't go to plan. Gabe's new crush is Mrs Dabney's grand-daughter. 
13:35Good Luck Charlie Rock, Enrol Teddy must write her essay for her college applications, but can't pick a topic. After a crazy dream, she decides to write about the most influential person in her life: Charlie. 
14:10Disney Mickey Mouse Tokyo Blues Mickey is caught up in a throng of people during the Tokyo morning rush hour, and is swept onto the wrong bullet train. Can he get back on the right route and get to work on time? New. 
14:15Fish Hooks Freshwater Five-O Milo and Jocktapus get the chance to go on a ride-along with a police officer, but they get distracted and allow the police car to be stolen. 
14:30Jessie Panic Attack Room Everyone's trapped in the panic room when Stuart changes the code to get time alone with Zuri. Bertram and Emma help Jessie with her audition for a Downton Abbey type show. New. 
15:05Kim Possible "Grudge Match" Ron makes a pass at new girl Zita, while Kim investigates a new super robot who's missing from the underground world of robot pit fighting. 
15:30Wizards Of Waverly Place Dude looks like Shakira Uncle Kelbo visits and the kids learn he's also pop star Shakira. He's been using a spell to achieve this, but an infection stops him controlling the transformations. 
16:00Austin & Ally World Records & Work Wreckers Ally accidentally hires her crush, Dallas, to work at Sonic Boom. He turns out to be useless at the job, but she's worried about firing him in case he hates her. 
16:25Jessie Kids Don't Wanna Get Shunned Emma's upset that her friends have ditched her for new girl Bryn. Jessie takes her to a movie where they meet Emma's friends and realize Bryn didn't invite her. 
16:55Liv And Maddie Twin-a-Rooney Maddie is sure that Liv has come back to ruin her life when she confides in her about Diggie, a boy she likes, and then is horrified when Liv asks him out pretending to be her. New. 
17:20Good Luck Charlie Study Date Teddy helps Bob mind Charlie when Amy goes back to work. But Bob falls down the stairs, so PJ takes him to the hospital where Amy works, leaving Teddy to watch Charlie. 
17:50Jessie Take the A Train, I Think Emma must travel across New York for a project, so Jessie brings the other kids along for the experience. They get lost but Jessie is determined Emma will make it on time. 
18:15Wizards Of Waverly Place Three Maxes and a Little Lady Max finds he can choose the competition date - so brings it nearer. Alex and Justin argue, and accidentally create a mutant spell which turns Max into a girl. 
18:45Mr Young Mr Ballerina Adam discovers Slab is secretly taking ballet lessons. He and Derby follow him, get dragged into joining the class, then discover to their horror the class is due to perform at school! 
19:10A.N.T. Farm The InformANT Chyna wants to look older, and thinks an expensive bag like Lexi's will help. Darryl buys her a cheaper one she hates, so she earns the money to buy herself a better one. 
19:40Austin & Ally Road Trips & Reunions Ally's missing her friends so flies back for one of the gigs. After travel problems she finally arrives, and realises she doesn't want to go back. What will she do? 
20:05Good Luck Charlie Wentz's Weather Girls Ivy and Teddy are delighted to get jobs in Denver's first weather-themed restaurant, until they find they are also supposed to be part of the hourly show. New. 
20:35Good Luck Charlie Baby Steps Gabe learns Bob is scared to carry Toby on the stairs, after what happened to Charlie. PJ and Emmett want to get an apartment together but Amy's not ready for PJ to leave home. 
21:00Good Luck Charlie T-Wrecks Teddy joins the volleyball team. When the coach pushes her to be more aggressive she goes too far. Bob visits PJ's new apartment to get some peace and quiet and doesn't want to leave. New. 
21:30Good Luck Charlie Teddy and the Bambino Amy's maternity leave is up, and she goes back to her hospital job, leaving the family to watch Toby and Charlie. They find the way to keep her quiet is to sing to her. 
21:55Good Luck Charlie Team Mom Amy is determined to help Teddy's hockey team by becoming the team mom. PJ discovers the pretty new girl in the neighbouring apartment thinks he's a doctor and doesn't correct her. 
22:25Good Luck Charlie Guys and Dolls When Spencer has a row with Teddy, Bob decides to give him some advice on how to handle a Duncan woman. 
22:50Good Luck Charlie Nurse Blankenhooper Gabe's horrified when his Mum starts work as the school nurse. Teddy gets laryngitis before her school presentation. PJ makes a profit looking after the younger kids. 
23:15Good Luck Charlie Le Halloween Amy dresses like a kangaroo for Halloween while Bob goes in his exterminator uniform. Amy teases him, but when a bat gets trapped it's Captain Extermo to the rescue. 
23:45Fish Hooks So-fish-ticated Oscar is uncertain which tie to wear for his date with Angela, so asks more decisive Milo's advice. But Milo's lack of sophistication sees him denied access to a posh tie shop. 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Lilo and Stitch Shortstuff Stitch is angry when he's too short to go on a fairground ride and lashes out, accidentally activating an experiment that sabotages mechanical equipment.