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Listings for Disney on Wednesday, October 5 2016

06:00Bunk'd Camp Rules Emma and Zuri won't stop fighting, so Lou sends them out in a canoe in the middle of the lake to work out their differences. S1 E4 
06:25Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
06:30Stuck In The Middle Stuck with No Rules When their parents take off for the weekend, Harley and her siblings are left to fend for themselves. S1 E9 
06:55Descendants Wicked World These animated shorts pick up from the final scene of the film Disney's Descendants, of which the offspring of Disney heroes and villains meet up at prep school. 
07:00K.C. Undercover In Too Deep - Part Two: While undercover at The Volunteers orgabisation, K.C. is asked to undertake a mission that pits her aganst her family. S2 E15 
07:31Liv and Maddie Kathy Kan-A-Rooney When Liv meets fellow superstar Kathy, they try their hardest to make friends with 'normal girls'. S2 E4 
08:02Lab Rats Dude, Where's My Lab The Lab Rats are on holiday when Davenport finds a solar flare heading for Earth. S1 E15 
08:35Jessie Zombie Tea Party 5: Luke needs a new member of his paintball team at short notice. He enlists a terrified Ravi, but when Luke's team is losing badly, it's up to Jessie to save the day. S1 E4 
09:06Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Copycat: When a disgruntled sculptor who is in love with Ladybug is targeted by Hawk Moth, he is transformed into Copycat, a perfect double of Cat Noir S1 E3 
09:37Hannah Montana Me and Mr Jonas and Mr Jonas and Mr Jonas Miley gets jealous when her Dad jams with teen hearthrobs the Jonas Brothers. Jackson tries to break the world pogo stick record. S2 E17 
10:08Hannah Montana I Will Always Loathe You Miley's in the running for an award so Grandma comes to stay. Aunt Dolly comes too even though the two women don't get on. Dolly Parton guest stars. S2 E18 
10:39A.N.T. Farm RestaurANTeur Olive falls for talented young chef Graham, but when he joins the ANT programme Chyna and Fletcher discover he's a pompous jerk, and decide to help Olive see the real Graham. S2 E18 
11:10Austin & Ally Moon Weeks & Mentors Austin and Ally are judges in a singing competition. They select a contestant who reminds them of Ally's former shy self. Can they transform her into the top contender? S2 E22 
11:38Disney Mickey Mouse The Boiler Room Mickey's attempts to fix Minnie's plumbing are foiled by a monster living in her boiler room. S2 E4 
11:43Shake It Up Give It Up Rocky and CeCe agree to do a danceathon to raise funds for a senior citizens' centre. Their participation is threatened when Flynn keeps them awake after too many energy drinks. S1 E3 
12:14The Evermoor Chronicles Weaving Bad Tara accidentally ripped the tapestry when she rescued Bella. Now Cotton Lively, a trainee Everine from the 17th century who has a nasty disease, has escaped through the rip. S1 E6 
12:45Good Luck Charlie Amazing Gracie Teddy buys a used car from Ivy's dad. He loved it and called it Gracie, so when it gets wrecked he's really upset, so Teddy arranges a car funeral to make him feel better. S2 E17 
13:16Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
13:23Good Luck Charlie The Bob Duncan Experience Gabe and his friend Leo decide to run a lemonade stand, but they argue about how to organise it so they end up running rival stands and being bitterly competitive. S2 E18 
13:51Wizards Of Waverly Place Retest Uncle Kelbo tells the family they must have their wizard powers re-tested, and long lost Aunt Megan must be there too. She won't come back until she gets an apology. S2 E22 
14:22Wizards Of Waverly Place Wizards vs Vampires on Waverly Place Business is slow after a new sandwich shop opens, owned by vampires. Justin is sent to spy on them but he falls for Juliet, the owners' daughter. S2 E23 
14:53Austin & Ally Family & Feuds Dez is horrified to learn his sister Didi is dating Chuck, his arch nemesis. This causes trouble between them, until Dez's friends and parents design a plan to end the feud. S2 E23 
15:24Girl Meets World Girl Meets Semi-Formal It's the semi-formal dance at school and Lucas hasn't asked Riley. She accidentally agrees to go with Charlie, then finds herself with two dates and must sort it out. S2 E16 
15:55Best Friends Whenever Jump to the Future Lab Cyd and Shelby discover a major clue to the future lab memory and it is somehow tied to Barry's science mentor Janet Smythe. S1 E8 
16:28Liv and Maddie Coach-A-Rooney A new coach for the girls' basketball team arrives and falls out with Maddie. When Liv agrees to help Parker with his art project, her date with Holden takes an unexpected turn. S3 E11 
17:00New: K.C. Undercover Virtual Insanity Ernie is kidnapped and hooked up to a virtual world by two bad guys who are after a code he created. Jira and Craig agree to allow K. C. to plug in to save Ernie. S2 E23 
17:31Bunk'd Boo Boos and Birthdays Emma and Zuri disagree when trying to plan a surprise birthday party for Tiffany. To get out of a volleyball tournament, Ravi and Jorge fake injuries. S1 E9 
18:02Stuck In The Middle Stuck in Lockdown Harley is grounded when Daphne gets hurt playing on Harley's latest invention. She sets about proving to Susy that her little sister is not blameless. S1 E13 
18:34Lab Rats Bionic Showdown - Part Two: Now alone except for Eddy, Leo must work out how to rescue the Lab Rats. A gruelling battle with Marcus ensues, but can Leo survive and free his friends? S2 E13 
19:05Jessie We are So Grounded Jessie and the kids are flying to meet their parents when the plane crash lands. The kids find monster footprints and are scared until they find a scientist planted them. S1 E24 
19:36That's So Raven Country Cousins - Part two: Raven tries to heal the rift between her family and her cousins by finding the missing antique that's the cause of their argument. Her visions help for once. S3 E21 
20:07Sonny With a Chance Walk a Mile in my Pants: Sonny organises a Walk-a-Thon to promote reading. Tawni donates skinny pants for people to wear. Chad runs a rival event but everyone gets Skinny Pants Syndrome. S2 E2 
20:38Austin & Ally Back-ups & Break-ups Trish convinces Austin to hire a dancer called Trent for his next music video. But she doesn't tell him she's dating Trent, and when Austin finds out he fires him! S2 E2 
21:09Good Luck Charlie Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band Teddy's struggling to recover from her break-up with Spencer. She makes a mean music video about him, but decides not to upload it when he apologises. S1 E19 
21:38Good Luck Charlie Teddy Rebounds An 11 year old boy called Austin moves in nearby and develops a crush on Teddy. She lets him take her out for ice cream - and bumps into Spencer with his new girlfriend. S1 E20 
22:00Violetta Violetta asks Herman to give Tomas's father a job, but he refuses. Violetta sings at the cafe, and she gets her first kiss. S1 E34 
22:53Hannah Montana Forever Sweet Home Hannah Montana The Stewarts have moved into their new house. Robbie ships the contents of Miley's room there. She takes a trip down Memory Lane but tells him she's moved on. S4 E2 
23:16Hannah Montana When You Wish You Were a Star Miley wishes she could be Hannah all the time. Her wish comes true, but despite a superstar lifestyle and dating Jesse McCartney, she misses her normal life. S2 E5 
23:40Groove High Groovily Ever After When Zoe queries what she's really doing at Groove High, Khan takes her on a time-travelling journey to show her what life would be like at Groove High without her. S1 E20 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Bunk'd A Bad Case of the Weasels The Ross Kids return to Camp for the summer and are surprised by some changes - Ravi has a new bunk mate and Woodchuck cabin has a new counsellor. S2 E1