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Listings for Disney on Sunday, October 29 2017

06:00Elena Of Avalor A Day to Remember Elena learns she has the ability to see ghosts and helps the spirit of an elderly woman mend the rift between her grandchildren and save the family restaurant. S1 E9 
06:29Tangled Pascal's Story When Pascal begins to feel that he doesn't fit in to Rapunzel's new life in the castle, he runs away and returns to the tower. S1 E14 
06:58Hotel Transylvania Curse Club/Casket If You Can Pedro desperately tries to throw a curse. Mavis loses a casket with Aunt Lydia resting inside. S1 E9 
07:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. Pharoah: Jalil, a young Egyptologist, is akumatized by Hawk Moth. He becomes Pharaoh and wants to sacrifice Alya in a ritual. Can Ladybug and Cat Noir stop him? S1 E5 
08:00Elena Of Avalor Island of Youth Elena must save Esteban after he drinks too much magical water from the Fountain of Youth and starts getting younger and younger. S1 E4 
08:31Tangled Under Raps Rapunzel discovers that Cassandra has a new crush and is excited by the prospect of going on double dates with her best friend. S1 E9 
09:02Descendants 2 : Wicked Couture Film This very special version of hit movie Descendants 2 also includes a wicked fashion show hosted by some of the stars of the film - Dove, Sofia and China. 
11:13Bizaardvark BizaArm Box What's in the BizaArm Box? Are Page and Frankie brave enough to find out? S2 E11 
11:18Andi Mack Dad Influence Andi meets Bowie. He wants her to be off school to get to know him. At first she's not allowed but eventually he manages it. Amber secretly wishes she was at school. S1 E7 
11:47Disney The Lodge No Hard Feelings Ben and Noah try and distract Sean from his problems, Kaylee focuses on her music and Skye is forced to team up with Alex and Danielle. S2 E8 
12:18Mako Mermaids Nowhere to Hide The Trident is active and dangerous. Zac tries to hide it from the mermaids but they find its hiding place. However the ancient weapon counteracts their powers. S1 E20 
12:49Liv and Maddie Tiny House-A-Rooney When Maddie and Willow discover that one of their acquaintances is homeless, they set out to help him. S4 E10 
13:20Bunk'd Fog'd In A strange, toxic fog overtakes Camp Kikiwaka causing the campers to develop bizarrely altered personalities and it's up to the camp counsellors to save the day. S2 E12 
13:51Descendants Wicked World Steal Away Evie, Carlos, and Jay solve the mystery behind Mal's missing Jewel-bilee gem. The mysterious stranger breaks into Gepetto's workshop. S2 E7 
13:56Tangled The Return of Strongbow:When Eugene's old friend Lance Strongbow sweeps back into town, he tries to drag Eugene back into his thieving ways. S1 E6 
14:27Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Simon Says: Humiliated by Gabriel Agreste, the hypnotist Jacques Grimault is akumatized and can make people obey his orders. Simon Says: destroy Ladybug and Cat Noir! S1 E20 
14:58Hotel Transylvania Bad Friday/Hoop Screams The monsters celebrate Bad Friday by trying to win the Screamie for the best scare. Mavis gives Hank the gift of basketball. S1 E2 
15:29Milo Murphy's Law Family Vacation/Murphy's Lard Milo ends up riding with the wrong family on vacation. Milo and Zack try to help Melissa overcome her secret fear of roller coasters. S1 E6 
16:00Descendants Wicked World Slumber Party While throwing a slumber party, the Aks and VKs realize that, despite their differences, they'd rather be friends with each other than anyone else. S2 E1 
16:04Teen Beach 2 Film In this musical sequel, surfer sweethearts Mack and Brady return from a summer adventure that took them to the '60s, to receive a surprise visit from Lela, Tanner and other surfer and biker buddies. 
17:59Bizaardvark BizaArtifacts They're weird, wacky and bizarre! Can you guess what these objects are for? That's what Paige and Frankie are doing in BizaArtifacts! S2 E3 
18:04Andi Mack Sshh! Andi stays up late with Bex, then falls asleep in class the next day and gets detention. That means she can't take part in the Ultimate Frisbee competition. S1 E3 
18:35Disney The Lodge Finish Line Skye competes in the Enduro final, Alex and Danielle to try and piece together the final clue in the mystery and Kaylee's big moment's finally arrived. S2 E14 
19:06K.C. Undercover Stakeout Takeout K.C. takes a much needed vacation during a stakeout to catch a robber, giving Ernie a chance to prove to his dad and K.C., that he is more than just the computer guy. S1 E17 
19:37Bizaardvark Halloweenvark - Part Boo! When the power goes out at Vuugle while they are watching a scary movie, the gang is left with no choice but to make up its own scary Halloween stories. S2 E13 
20:08Andi Mack She's Turning Into You When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber, Andi enlists the help of Bex. S1 E9 
20:39Stuck In The Middle Stuck in Harley's Comet With her family out of the way, Harley decides to host a slumber party to watch a passing comet with her friends on the roof. S1 E8 
21:10A.N.T. Farm ManagemANT After Chyna records a spoof talk show where she also sings, a producer rings and Cameron pretends to be her manager, but refuses the producer's offer and makes her video himself. S1 E10 
21:41That's So Raven Wake Up Victor Raven's chef dad is going to be filmed for TV, but when her new friend Miles accidentally hypnotises her dad it almost leads to disaster. S1 E19 
22:12Jessie Panic Attack Room Everyone's trapped in the panic room when Stuart changes the code to get time alone with Zuri. Bertram and Emma help Jessie with her audition for a Downton Abbey type show. S2 E24 
22:43Austin & Ally Austin & Alias Ally becomes Roxy Ryder so she can continue to be Austin's songwriter while on a different music label. But things get tricky when Roxy is invited to appear on a TV show. S3 E5 
23:14Wizards Of Waverly Place Wizards and Vampires vs Zombies Alex organises a zombie-themed anti-prom but isn't expecting real zombies to turn up. During the dance-off bits of zombies' bodies tend to fall off! S2 E28 
23:45Good Luck Charlie The Singin' Dancin' Duncans: Amy plans a big song and dance number for the annual hospital gala. She tries to get her family involved but when they make excuses she replaces them in the show. S2 E5 
00:11Good Luck Charlie A LARP in the Park Teddy's new boyfriend takes her and Charlie to the park. They assume it's for a picnic, but end up putting on costumes and joining in his LARPing (Live Active Role Playing). S2 E6 
00:36Good Luck Charlie Duncan vs Duncan Bob and Amy plan a night away, so Teddy and PJ plan a house party. But when her parents fight and cancel their trip, Teddy has to smuggle her friends into the basement. S2 E4 
01:00Hannah Montana Miley says Goodbye - Part Two: Miley faces the biggest decision of her life. Will she finally decide to kiss goodbye to Hannah Montana and return to life as a normal teenager? S3 E30 
01:24Hannah Montana She's a Super Sneak Miley and Jackson want to go to the cinema but Dad says no. They go anyway and see him with a strange woman. Miley talks to him about trying to replace her mother. S1 E2 
01:47Hannah Montana Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret? Miley's other life as pop star Hannah Montana is uncovered by best friend Lilly, who's annoyed her friend kept it secret from her but forgives her. S1 E1 
02:10Alex & Co. Episode 10 Nicole beats Linda and is elected school body president. When Christian and Nicole pretend to be going together to mislead Linda, Alex realizes he's jealous. S1 E10 
02:34Violetta Violetta and Francesca make up, but Diego is upset by Francesca's decision to move to Europe. Violetta calls Leon as Roxy, but has second thoughts later. S3 E49 
03:21Billie and The Ghost In the Woods While looking for the answer to his parent's latest clue, Billie and Malcolm come across some barrels of toxic waste dumped near his old home and try to track down the culprits. S1 E10 
03:44The Evermoor Chronicles Valentina Tara learns only true love's kiss can bring Otto back, but that involves Valentina, a demi-goddesss whose heart he broke and has given up on love. S1 E17 
04:08Disney Cookabout Episode 24 Maxi and Mila learn about popular yogurt-style South African drink amasi, and that it's also great as a cooking ingredient. S1 E24 
04:32Elena Of Avalor King of the Carnaval Esteban must weigh keeping his dark secret against protecting Elena when his old ally Victor returns to Avalor to steal the crown jewels. S1 E16 
04:58Kim Possible Sick Day It's not funny when Kim tries to catch Drakken, and all she catches is a cold. The good news is that the baddies get her germs and soon both sides need a "sick day". S1 E51 
05:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Antibug: After an argument with Ladybug, Chloe gets akumatized and turns into Antibug, meaning Ladybug will have to fight an opponent with the same powers as her. S1 E24 
06:00Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir: Volpina: New student Lila becomes enemies with Ladybug when she humiliates her. Akumatized: Lila turns into Volpina. Will Volpina deceive Ladybug and Cat Noir? S1 E26