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Listings for Disney on Friday, August 5 2016

06:00Sonny With a Chance Sonny with a Song When pop star Trey Brothers appears on the show, Sonny plays him her song. He tries to steal it, so she locks him in a magic box. But he disappears before the show. S2 E9 
06:29Sonny With a Chance Chad without a Chance Chad offers to fill in for Sonny when she's off sick, but soon discovers it's hard to do her job. S2 E10 
07:00Girl Meets World Girl Meets Hurricane Cory and Shawn take the girls out for some fun. But just as Maya feels closer to Shawn, someone from his past comes back into his life and risks ruining everything. S2 E9 
07:33Girl Meets World Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington: Uncle Eric is recruited to run for the Senate, but learns it was only because they expected him to lose. Riley and her friends help his campaign S2 E10 
08:04New: Disney Mickey Mouse Good Sports Goofy takes a journey through the world of sports to learn the true meaning of Sportsmanship. S3 E18 
08:10Bunk'd There's No Place Like Camp When Xander and Ravi realize that Jorge is homesick, they enlist the help of Emma, Zuri and Tiffany to cheer him up. S1 E11 
08:41Bunk'd No Escape When Jorge and Zuri sneak out to buy something from the general store in town, Emma and Xander have to get them back before Gladys notices they're all gone! S1 E12 
09:12Descendants Wicked World These animated shorts pick up from the final scene of the film Disney's Descendants, of which the offspring of Disney heroes and villains meet up at prep school. 
09:15Liv and Maddie Rate-A-Rooney The boys invent a rating system for how attractive girls are. The girls are furious and consider revenge. Then Liv writes a song to show it's who people are that's important. S2 E15 
09:47Liv and Maddie Flugelball-a-Rooney Maddie's boyfriend Diggy returns from abroad. She realises they need time to get used to each other again but is not impressed when Diggy reveals he's off again soon. S2 E16 
10:20K.C. Undercover The Mother of all Missions Kira reluctantly agrees to help K.C. reunite Abby with her mother Erica, who has been hiding from The Other Side and The Organization for several years. S2 E5 
10:51K.C. Undercover Accidents Will Happen Darien is mysteriously injured in an accident, so K.C. tries to figure out who is behind it. Craig becomes head of security for a vice-presidential candidate. S2 E6 
11:24Backstage Twelve Hours to Showtime Tensions run high as the mid-term performances approach. Vanessa is determined to dance in the freshman ballet despite her injury. S1 E14 
11:55Descendants Wicked World These animated shorts pick up from the final scene of the film Disney's Descendants, of which the offspring of Disney heroes and villains meet up at prep school. 
12:00K.C. Undercover: Double Crossed When betrayed by young spy Brett (who unbeknown to her is the son of arch nemesis Zane) she's imprisoned and a fake K.C. is sent to infiltrate her family. Will they smell a rat and rescue her? 
12:53Jessie Karate Kid-tastrophe Emma rebels and gets suspended from school. She runs away but Jessie finds her and gets her to reveal what's wrong. Ravi tries to rebel too, but it goes wrong. S4 E3 
13:24Jessie Basket Cases Ravi wants to play on Luke's basketball team, but he's not great at sport. Jessie has an assignment on diplomatic resolutions, which comes in handy when Zuri and Emma fall out. S4 E5 
13:55Jessie Hoedown Show-down Country girl Maybelle moves in. Jessie asks Emma to invite her to her party. Despite being embarrassed by Maybelle, Emma gives her a makeover to help her fit in. S3 E8 
14:26Jessie Spaced Out Ravi's birthday present from his parents is a trip to outer space with the rest of the Ross kids and Jessie. Their trip takes an unexpected turn when Ravi ends up not going. S3 E18 
14:53Girl Meets World Girl Meets Demolition Riley and Maya meet Aubrey, a salesgirl who manipulates them into using Topanga's credit card for an expensive purchase. Guest star: Debby Ryan. S2 E7 
15:24Jessie Katch Kipling When Mrs. Kipling becomes a celebrity, it puts a strain on her relationship with Ravi. Meanwhile, Bertram preps Emma for an audition and Zuri tries to be more independent. S4 E18 
15:55K.C. Undercover Daddy's Little Princess Operation Protect the Prince. The Prince is coming undercover to stay at the house. Ernie impersonates him at the embassy and learns of an assassination attempt. S1 E7 
16:28Liv and Maddie Band-A-Rooney The school runs a Battle of the Bands. Liv, Willow, Andy and Holden sign up to compete against Arty, Joey and Karen. Parker helps Johnny Nimbus host the contest. S2 E20 
17:00Bunk'd Live from Camp Kikiwaka When the kids realize how outdated the Camp Kikiwaka website is, they decide to do a live stream to show people how great the camp is. S1 E15 
17:31New: Best Friends Whenever Cyd and Shelby's Haunted Escape Cyd and Shelby use Barry's new invention to teleport themselves to NYC's Central Park Spooktacular and wind up getting trapped in a Haunted House. S1 E9 
18:02Your Favourite DCOMs Film Voted by you, your favourite Disney DCOM's all summer only on the Disney Channel. 
20:06Jessie Are You Cooler than a Fifth Grader? Luke's little brother Ravi starts at his school. Ravi is hurt when Luke won't admit he's his brother, but Luke comes to his rescue when he's bullied. S1 E11 
20:37Jessie Take the A Train, I Think Emma must travel across New York for a project so Jessie brings the kids along for the experience. They get lost but Jessie is determined Emma will make it on time. S1 E10 
21:08Jessie Romancing the Crone One of Christina's tiaras falls onto Mrs. Chesterfield's terrace. Jessie and Zuri must find a way to sneak in and get it back, so they get Bertram to ask her out. S1 E12 
21:34Jessie Worldwide Web of Lies Jessie is bullied by another nanny, Agatha, who posts pics of her seeming to ill treat the kids on the web. Worried her employer might see it, she confronts the bully. S1 E8 
22:00New: Violetta Episode 185 Milton drives pupils away with his aggressive methods. Fede joins the boys' band. Ludmila arranges her audition with Youmix. Violetta returns in disguise and sings for Leon. S3 E25 
22:46Hannah Montana More than a Zombie to Me Hannah gets a role in Jake Ryan's new film. She's not happy because there's a scene where she's supposed to kiss Jake. She discovers Jake's secret love. S1 E16 
23:09Hannah Montana Oops! Meddled Again Miley and Lilly play matchmaker for Hannah Montana fan Becca, who fancies Oliver. The couple do get together, but Oliver's not impressed with the girls' meddling. S1 E5 
23:33Groove High A Little Fight Music Tom and Duke compete in the Krispy Kangaroo cereal jingle competition, and accidentally write the same tune. They're accused of cheating, can Zoe prove their innocence? S1 E10 
23:55Disney Mickey Mouse O Futebol Classico Mickey's dream of watching the futebol championship is put in jeopardy after a series of events conspire to block his view. S1 E15 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Austin & Ally Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds When Austin and Ally are paired together in Home Economics, they imagine life together as a married couple. Trish helps Dez book a job directing a commercial. S4 E6