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Listings for Disney on Monday, September 22 2014

06:00Kim Possible The Ron Factor Dr Director at Global Justice decides that it's the Ron-ness that's Kim's secret to success, so Ron is put under the microscope. When he's stolen, Kim must rescue him. 
06:25Disney Mickey Mouse O Futebol Classico Mickey's dream of watching the futebol championship is put in jeopardy after a series of events conspire to block his view. 
06:30Jessie Punch Dumped Love Emma is banned from going to the school dance, but when she hears Rachel is going to dump Luke at the dance, she sneaks out to warn him. Guest star: Adam Sandler. New. 
07:00Jessie Worldwide Web of Lies Jessie is bullied by another nanny, Agatha, who posts pics of her seeming to ill treat the kids on the web. Worried her employer might see it, she confronts the bully. 
07:25Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
07:30Austin & Ally Club Owners & Quinceaneras Trish is having a traditional Mexican 15th birthday party, a quinceanera. Ally asks Dallas to dance - but he turns her down. She's upset, but then finds out why... 
08:00Liv And Maddie Team-a-Rooney Maddie becomes captain of the school basketball team, just as its funding is cut by the principal. She tries to get support for the team by being a strong leader but it backfires. New. 
08:25Star Wars Rebels The Machine in the Ghost In this Star Wars Rebels' short, the Rebels' Ghost starship is under attack. Pilot Hera and gunner Kanan evade and shoot down enemy ships helped by astromech droid Chopper. 
08:30Wizards Of Waverly Place Alex's Logo Alex designs T shirts and sells them at school. She didn't have permission and Justin makes her give the money to the school. Then she wins a citizenship award and isn't sure why. 
09:00Hannah Montana Bad Moose Rising Miley is cross when Jackson moans about having to look after her, and can't see why it's so difficult - until she finds herself looking after her neighbour's niece. 
09:25Hannah Montana We Are Family - Now Get Me Some Water: Hannah gets her brother the sack from his beach bar job, so she's forced to make him her assistant, which is a disaster as he's always getting things wrong. 
09:55The Suite Life on Deck Cruisin' for a Bruisin': Moseby slips on some ice cream and Kirby accidentally crushes him. Bedridden, he can't organise the Captain's party, so he insists on getting up, and causes chaos. 
10:20The Suite Life on Deck Smarticle Particles Zack helps Woody with a prank, then gets into trouble when the prank rebounds on Becky. Zack pretends it was his idea because he likes Becky, but it all goes wrong. 
10:50A.N.T. Farm PatANT Pending Olive and Fletcher have an innovative idea - a massaging backpack! At first they don't tell Chyna, and pretend they're dating when she asks why they spend so much time together. 
11:15A.N.T. Farm Ballet dANTser New girl Violet joins the ANTs. She starts badly by upsetting Lexi. Things get worse when she joins Lexi's ballet class, and it turns out she's jealous as she fancies Fletcher. 
11:45Wizards Of Waverly Place Justin's New Girlfriend Mum and Dad switch jobs. Justin and Harper find a mutual love of silent films which Alex doesn't understand - and gets jealous. So they turn her life into a silent movie. 
12:10Wizards Of Waverly Place Retest Uncle Kelbo tells the family they must have their wizard powers re-tested, and long lost Aunt Megan must be there too. She won't come back until she gets an apology for an old grievance. 
12:40Good Luck Charlie PJ in the City Teddy needs to get a tan for a job in a top fashion store where they give a good staff discount. But when Charlie plays with the spray tanner's timer Teddy ends up orange! 
13:05World Animal Championships The World Animal Championships are here! Tune in to see which animal will win in a clutch of categories - including scariest, dumbest, grossest, cutest, speediest - and even the baddest baddie?! 
13:35Dog With A Blog My Parents Posted What? Bennett posts some embarrassing family pictures on Avery's website to punish her for opening an online account without asking permission. Will it teach her a lesson? New. 
14:00Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
14:05Kim Possible Rewriting History Kim's class assignment turns up some fascinating facts about one of her ancestors, and she's not pleased! She needs Ron's help to clear her family's name. 
14:30Shake It Up Quit It Up To earn money for Georgia's bridal shower, CeCe gets a job dancing as a giant zit. She's thrilled the show is to start again - but everyone has to audition for their job! New. 
15:00Star Wars Rebels In these all-new animated shorts meet the new Rebel heroes who are fighting against the evil Galactic Empire. It's a dark time for the galaxy, when the Empire's power is rapidly spreading. 
15:05Austin & Ally Bloggers and Butterflies Embarrassing footage of Austin starts to appear on the internet, damaging his career. The gang discovers the blogger's identity, and make a surprising discovery. 
15:30Jessie Tempest in the Teacup Emma and Zuri plan a romantic date for Jessie and Tony. Things go wrong after Ravi's helicopter crashes in a billboard teacup, Jessie and Tony end up stranded in it too. 
16:00New: Win, Lose or Draw This exciting and entertaining show mixes top Disney star talent and artistic skills in a game that sees contestants trying to guess the picture that has been drawn by one of their opponents. 
16:30Liv And Maddie Skate-a-Rooney Liv's pro skater boyfriend arrives for a contest she's due to judge. Before he realises Liv's a judge he dumps her then tries to get her back. The girls plan their revenge. New. 
16:55Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
17:00Girl Meets World Girl Meets Sneak Attack Riley becomes jealous when another girl flirts with Lucas, so she enlists Maya and Farkle's help to learn how to flirt too. 
17:30Jessie Gotcha Day Jessie plans Zuri's Gotcha Day - the day her adoptive parents brought her home. Ravi learns when Christina and Morgan adopted him, they were expecting him to be a baby. 
18:00Liv And Maddie Switch-a-Rooney Liv is up for a role in the Space Werewolves film. Joey and Parker are trying to discourage her, so send a nerd to ask awkward questions. But series fan Maddie turns up instead. 
18:30Good Luck Charlie Blankie Go Bye-Bye Teddy, PJ and Gabe throw a surprise dinner for Amy and Bob's anniversary. Charlie loses her favourite blankie and won't stop crying so Teddy tries to find it. 
18:55How To Build A Better Boy Film In this comedy adventure friends Gabby and Mae become fugitives after they use Mae's dad's software to create the perfect boyfriend, not realising the programme is meant to create a robotic soldier! 
20:45Good Luck Charlie Alley Oops Teddy gets Mary Lou to audition to sing the national anthem at a Denver Nuggets game. She gets the job, but on the night gets stage fright so Teddy goes on and mimes to her voice. 
21:10Good Luck Charlie Ditch Day Teddy discovers she has a reputation as a goody goody, and decides to prove she can be bad by playing truant from school with Ivy. 
21:40Hannah Montana Can't Get Home to You Girl Miley tries to get home from her concert for Lilly's birthday, but doesn't make it in time. So Jackson takes Lilly to a Lakers' game for a birthday treat! 
22:05Hannah Montana The Wheel Near my Bed (Keeps on Turning): Lilly's mum gets a job in Atlanta. Lilly's worried she'll have to move. The Stewarts invite her to move in and her dad gives her permission. 
22:35Groove High In this live-action series teenage musicians Zoe and Tom are on tour but love to look back on their formative years, the skills they learned, the friends they made and fun they had at Groove High. 
23:05Violetta Episode Two Violetta refuses to go to a party wearing an awful dress Jade, Herman's fiancée, has chosen for her. Angie finds one which is perfect - it belonged to Violetta's dead mother Maria. New. 
23:55Disney Mickey Mouse O Futebol Classico Mickey's dream of watching the futebol championship is put in jeopardy after a series of events conspire to block his view. 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies!