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Listings for Disney on Sunday, July 3 2016

06:00Austin & Ally Directors & Divas Austin works with a famous director and gets Dez a job as an intern. They must deal with a spoilt actress. The director leaves, so Dez ends up directing the film. S3 E17 
06:29Good Luck Charlie The Break Up Teddy is losing interest in Derek but finds it hard to dump him as he keeps doing nice things. Amy volunteers to coach Gabe's Pee Wee hockey team but gets too competitive. S2 E13 
07:00Liv and Maddie Move-A-Rooney Liv and Maddie's house has a beetle infestation. Their parents plan to move to a hotel for the weekend. The kids misunderstand and think they're moving from the house forever! S1 E12 
07:25Star Darlings Star Dipper When mean girl Vivica tries to destroy Scarlet's drawing, she gets levitated and thrown about using Wish Energy. She's surprised to find one of the Star Dippers is responsible. S1 E5 
07:29Bunk'd Bride and Doom The campers learn about Olga, the daughter of the camp founder whose ghost supposedly haunts Kikiwaka. A camp wedding may be the only way to rid the camp of the ghost. S1 E21 
08:00K.C. Undercover Accidents Will Happen Darien is mysteriously injured in an accident, so K.C. tries to figure out who is behind it. Craig becomes head of security for a vice-presidential candidate. S2 E6 
08:29Miraculous Tales of Ladybug... ...& Cat Noir. The Mime: Fred Haprele gets akumatized and turns into the Mime. Now, whatever he acts out comes to life and he wants to express his rage. S1 E13 
09:00A Second Chance Film (2011) Aspiring young gymnast Maddie is uprooted and finds herself in a new school. She and her new coach overcome adversity to fight their way into the Australian national gymnastics squad. 
10:45Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
10:50Minnie's Fashion Challenge Digital Design Aspiring fashionistas Hattie and India are set the task of creating a Minnie inspired outfit, with the help of digital fashion expert, Jack Young. S1 E11 
10:55K.C. Undercover Do You Want to Know a Secret A college student shows up claiming to be a relative, and Kira imust reveal a family secret. Marisa and Ernie give K.C. tips on how to handle her first date. S2 E3 
11:26Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
11:31K.C. Undercover Rebel with a Cuz When Kira forbids K.C. from spending time with her newfound cousin Abby, the teenage spy finds a way around her mom's orders. S2 E4 
12:00Liv and Maddie Bro-Cave-a-Rooney Joey and Parker's room is so filthy even they can't stand it, and want the girls to clean it. Liv and Maddie lose a bet and are forced to spend the night in the room. S2 E3 
12:29Liv and Maddie Match-A-Rooney Liv plays matchmaker at the school dance when she tries to make Joey fall for Willow. S2 E5 
13:00Sonny With a Chance Sonny Get Your Goat Sonny and Tawni do a sketch which is a hit in Glendovia. They are invited to visit but discover the Glendovians don't realise that it's a comedy sketch. S2 E4 
13:29That's So Raven Five Finger Discount Raven's looking after Cory while mum's studying. He admits he was encouraged to shoplift by his mates, but hated it, so she helps him do the right thing. S3 E2 
14:00The Suite Life on Deck Parrot Island London's unhappy she has to attend school on board and runs away to Parrot Island. London's friends try to bring her back but get into trouble. A pig comes to the rescue. S1 E7 
14:29Wizards Of Waverly Place Saving Wizard Tech (Part Two): Wizard Tech has closed down, and Justin and Alex must team up to save it from falling into the hands of the evil Ronald and his father. S2 E9 
15:00Good Luck Charlie Charlie is 2! The Duncans celebrate Charlie's second birthday in jail after a series of mishaps involving a Gurgles concert and a stolen miniature horse find them all temporarily incarcerated. S2 E2 
15:29Jessie Creepy Connie's Curtain Call Jessie and Agatha both lose a bet over whether Zuri or Lindsey will win the Little Miss Big Apple contest, and end up hanging from a tree wearing monkey suits. S1 E23 
16:00Bunk'd Can You Hear Me Now? Zuri secretly keeps her cell phone beyond the allotted time, so Hazel and Lou to conduct a camp-wide search. S1 E6 
16:29Bunk'd Gone Girl Ravi becomes suspicious when he overhears Xander's plans for his first date with Emma. S1 E2 
17:00Backstage The Brightside Student council president Julie plans a spectacular freshman orientation. Tension mounts between dancers, Carly and Vanessa. Miles keeps a secret from his classmates. S1 E3 
17:31Backstage Stand Tall Carly helps Vanessa to impress the prima dancers. Bianca seeks the help of a reluctant classmate to create a spectacular song. Denzel is under pressure to wow his artistic hero. S1 E4 
18:00K.C. Undercover Accidents Will Happen Darien is mysteriously injured in an accident, so K.C. tries to figure out who is behind it. Craig becomes head of security for a vice-presidential candidate. S2 E6 
18:31K.C. Undercover The Get Along Vault KC and Ernie can't stop fighting. Craig and Kira are sick of it. To help them learn to work together they're sent on a mission and end up trapped in a bank vault. S1 E26 
19:00Jessie Creepy Connie 3 - The Creepening: Creepy Connie is back to warn Luke about her friend Mad Mac, who has an even bigger obsession with him than she does. But things aren't always what they seem. S3 E11 
19:31Jessie Acting with the Frenemy Jessie and Chloe are friends, until Chloe steals Jessie's ideas for a character. She also enlists Ravi's help to make sure she gets an indie film role Jessie wants. S3 E12 
20:00Hannah Montana Ready, Set, Don't Drive Miley learns to drive but finds it's not as easy as she thought, and fails the test. Using her celebrity status she gets a second one and passes, but as Hannah! S3 E1 
20:31Hannah Montana He Ain't a Hottie, He's My Brother Miley is horrified when she discovers Lilly is thinking of dating Jackson, and does everything she can to stop it. Then she finds it was all a dream! S3 E2 
21:00Hannah Montana Don't Go Breakin' My Tooth: When she needs to go to the dentist Miley decides to go without her dad, but it proves to be a mistake. Oliver tries to stop Joanie from learning he eats meat. S3 E3 
21:31Hannah Montana You Never Give Me My Money Miley asks for a bigger allowance and is surprised when Dad gives her $5000 to open an account. At first she's scared to spend it, but can't resist a bargain. S3 E5 
22:00Disney Mickey Mouse Ghoul Friend After his car breaks down, Mickey is pursued by a hideous ghoul. S1 E7 
22:05Violetta Violetta must decide whether to be Tomas's girlfriend or stay friends with Francesca. Tomas and Violetta sing together at the resto bar and it's obvious there's chemistry between them. S1 E22 
22:55Hannah Montana He Could Be the One - Part Two: Hannah decides to pretend she's dating bad boy Jesse, so that Robbie will be relieved when she actually goes out with Jake. But she finds she likes Jesse. S3 E27 
23:26Groove High The Inside Man Notoriously nasty TV talent-show judge, Sneerly Cruwell, is coming to audition kids for his show. Tom is sure to win until Duke steals his song. S1 E2 
23:55Disney Mickey Mouse Ku`u Lei Melody Mickey's determination to write an elusive song leads him on a mystical journey through the Hawaiian Islands. S3 E13 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Jessie The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate Trying to prove to Zuri she's over Tony, Jessie decides she and Tony should find a blind date for each other. But it goes horribly wrong... S3 E5