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Listings for Disney on Tuesday, April 29 2014

06:00Fish Hooks Milo's Magical Shake Milo earns a free milkshake after drinking 999 others. He makes it his new best friend, naming it Emily. He wants to spend quality time with her but she starts to melt. 
06:15Kim Possible Tick-Tick-Tick Kim faces the embarrassment of a detention, but humiliation nearly becomes annihilation when Drakken's new pimple-like nano explosive gets stuck on her nose! 
06:45Wizards Of Waverly Place Western Show When Mr Laritate loses his job he decides to pursue his dream of becoming a cowboy. Alex casts a spell to send them all back to the Old West to see what it was really like. 
07:10Jessie Used Karma Ravi is fed up with Luke and Zuri's pranks. He explains about karma, and how their bad behaviour will rebound on them. Are the bad things happening to Luke karma, or Ravi's fault? 
07:40Liv And Maddie Team-a-Rooney Maddie becomes captain of the school basketball team, just as its funding is cut by the principal. She tries to get support for the team by being a strong leader but it backfires. New. 
08:05Good Luck Charlie Baby Come Back Teddy encourages Amy and Bob to go on a date while the kids babysit. PJ takes Charlie to the park, flirts with Emma, then brings back the wrong baby buggy, and the wrong baby! 
08:35A.N.T. Farm InfANT Skidmore forces Chyna and the ANTs to show the ropes to a prospective new ANT - a baby called Sebastian. They are supposed to discover his super talent - but is that why he's there? 
09:00Phineas and Ferb Escape from Phineas Tower Inspired by an antique escape chamber their father has acquired, the boys build a computer-controlled tower. But it has a mind of its own and traps them inside! 
09:15Wizards Of Waverly Place Alex Gives Up Max's popularity rises when he looks likely to win the competition. A rich girl wants to marry him! Alex and Mason find they can't be lovers if she's mortal and try to be friends. 
09:45Wizards Of Waverly Place Lucky Charmed Alex crashes during a driving lesson, and gets a detention when she confesses rather than fixing it with magic. Jerry finds it hard to hand over the Russo wizard robe to Max. 
10:10The Suite Life on Deck My Sister's Keeper Zack and Cody don't like Woody's sister, and are horrified when he tells them she's coming on board. But when she does, Cody keeps her company - to Woody and Bailey's dismay. 
10:40Phineas and Ferb Moon Farm The boys are inspired by the rhyme The Cat and the Fiddle, and decide to take a cow to the Moon. They want to see if low gravity produces the best ice cream ever. 
10:55Hannah Montana Smells like Teen Sellout Hannah is asked to endorse a new perfume - then discovers it contains raspberries, to which she is allergic! Jackson practises for the teen wilderness competition. 
11:20Hannah Montana My Boyfriend's Jackson and There's Gonna Be Trouble A photographer takes a picture of Hannah and Jackson together so people think they're an item. Jackson discovers he likes the limelight. 
11:50A.N.T. Farm PerformANTs Chyna wants to go to a concert with the older kids, but her mum won't let her go. They say they are going to see a kids' band, but the plan backfires when her mum tags along. 
12:15A.N.T. Farm You're the One that I wANT: Grease is the school play. Lexi and Fletcher campaign against it as Lexi is jealous Chyna has been chosen as Sandy, and Fletcher is envious of the boy playing Danny. 
12:40Jessie Glue Dunnit - A Sticky Situation: When Luke and Ravi get into a sticky situation and Mrs Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head, Jessie is determined to find the culprit. 
13:10Fish Hooks Fail Fish/Funny Fish Milo's having trouble keeping up at school, and is worried he'll be kept back a year. Everyone has a sense of humour except Oscar, who decides to laugh at everything. 
13:35Art Attack Puppets Puppets are fun things to play with, so here's how to make one out of a bottle! Top Disney Junior show Henry Hugglemonster features in the Big Art, and the easy make is a stone book. 
14:05Disney Mickey Mouse No Service Mickey and Donald decide to get their lunch from Goofy's beach snack bar - but are refused service because they aren't wearing shirts or shoes! New. 
14:10Phineas and Ferb Run Away Runaway/I Scream, You Scream The girls help at the fashion show as they want to get sewing badges. Isabella has her tonsils out so the boys make her the biggest ice cream sundae ever. 
14:35Lilo and Stitch Bugby Lilo unknowingly captures "Bugby," aka Experiment 128, to add to her bug city. But Bugby zaps Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley into bugs themselves, and they experience a bug's life. 
15:05Kim Possible "Car Trouble" Kim and Ron are much more worried about their Driver's Educational exam that's coming up than fighting supervillains! 
15:30Dog With A Blog Dog with a Hog Stan is kidnapped while being a last minute stand-in as the Terriers' mascot. Avery steals the rivals' pig mascot, then discovers Tyler kidnapped Stan and must return the pig. 
16:00Austin & Ally Diners & Daters Trish gets a job at a diner. Austin pops in for lunch and falls for one of the waitresses. He ends up getting a job there and enlisting Ally's help to win her over. 
16:25Jessie Glue Dunnit - A Sticky Situation: When Luke and Ravi get into a sticky situation and Mrs Chesterfield's hands get stuck to her head, Jessie is determined to find the culprit. 
16:55Jessie We are so Grounded Jessie and the kids are flying to meet their parents when the plane crash lands. The kids find monster footprints and are scared until they find a scientist planted them. 
17:20Liv And Maddie Dodge-a-Rooney Maddie has always enjoyed volunteering at the senior centre, but when Liv decides to volunteer there too, running a choir, things soon become confrontational. 
17:50Good Luck Charlie Double Whammy Amy gets Teddy to try out to be school mascot, Whammy the Ram. He is intentionally terrible, but still gets the job. PJ arranges a race between Charlie and Emmett's nephew Mason. 
18:15Wizards Of Waverly Place Wizards vs Angels - Part One: Alex finds out Rosie's an Angel of Darkness (fallen angel) and has been deceiving them. Justin steals the Moral Compass to take it to the Dark Side. 
18:45New: Mr Young Mr Scooter The gang is called to the principal's office to explain what they have each done to his scooter! 
19:10A.N.T. Farm cANTonese Style Cuisine Chyna is thrilled to meet Madame Goo Goo and gets her phone number. But she loses it in dough during a fortune cookie factory visit, and the ANTs must help her find it. 
19:40Austin & Ally Princesses & Prizes Austin allows a date with him to be auctioned to raise money for Ally's charity. When a really beautiful girl bids for two dates, Ally's forced to admit that she's jealous. 
20:05Phineas and Ferb Sidetracked Agent P must stop a hijacked train running along the US/Canadian border, defeat Doof, save the train's passengers and rescue Canada's national treasure - a moose named Albert. New. 
20:30Shake It Up Forward and Back It Up When Rocky saves Phil's life, he offers her a job dancing on SIU Chicago again. Wanting to earn her way, Rocky declines, but CeCe is determined to make her accept.. 
21:00Hannah Montana Super (Stitious) Girl: Miley has lost the lucky anklet her mother gave her, and thinks it's bad luck. Things start to go wrong. Will it mean she can't perform in the concert that night in Hawaii? 
21:30Wizards Of Waverly Place Three Maxes and a Little Lady Max finds he can choose the competition date - so brings it nearer. Alex and Justin argue, and accidentally create a mutant spell which turns Max into a girl. 
21:55A.N.T. Farm Detective AgANTcy After encouraging Daryll to quit his job as a cop, Chyna helps him set up a business as a private eye. There's no demand so they create a fake crime for him to solve. 
22:25Jessie Beauty and the Beasts Jessie shows Zuri how to cheat in the Little Miss Big Apple competition, but later finds her cheating on her school work and must apologise for teaching her to do wrong. 
22:50Good Luck Charlie Make Room for Baby With the member of the Duncan family on its way, Amy demands the family get a bigger house so they won't be so crowded, but Bob and the others don't want to move. 
23:15Shake It Up Love and War It Up Now they're not going to be related, Rocky tries to convince CeCe and Logan to get along so that she and Logan can date but it just doesn't work. New. 
23:45Fish Hooks Science Fair Detective Mystery Oscar's amazing science fair project is stolen, so Bea and Milo turn detective to find the culprit and retrieve the project in time for the fair. 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Fish Hooks Science Fair Detective Mystery Oscar's amazing science fair project is stolen, so Bea and Milo turn detective to find the culprit and retrieve the project in time for the fair.