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Listings for Disney on Sunday, December 28 2014

06:00Kim Possible Emotion Sickness Microchip "modulators" accidentally attach to Kim and Shego. Unaware of their presence, the two find themselves whirling from one emotional extreme to another 
06:25Disney Mickey Mouse Tapped Out Mickey finds himself in trouble after Goofy volunteers him to fight a dastardly wrestler. 
06:30Good Luck Charlie Make Room for Baby With the member of the Duncan family on its way, Amy demands the family get a bigger house so they won't be so crowded, but Bob and the others don't want to move. 
07:00Wizards Of Waverly Place Wizards of Apartment 13b While flat hunting Alex and Harper lie to get a wizards only apartment then find her ex-boyfriend Mason lives in the same block. They have a party which doesn't go well. 
07:25Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
07:30Jessie Help Not Wanted Jessie needs money so she takes a job at Empire Skate Building, not knowing Emma will be her boss. When they argue in front of a food critic, Boomer must decide who to fire. 
08:00Radio Disney Music Awards This star-studded LA awards event showcased the best of kids' and families' favourite music, as heard on Radio Disney, and featured awesome performances from The Vamps, R5 and Ariana Grande. 
09:30Liv and Maddie Pottery-A-Rooney Still recovering from her knee surgery, Maddie decides to take up a new hobby - pottery. Liv is surprised when Karen asks her for fashion advice. 
10:00Good Luck Charlie Story Time When Teddy and Amy learn one of Charlie's friends' mums is a book publisher looking for new talent, they find themselves in competition to prove they could be the next hit author. 
10:25Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
10:30I Didn't Do It This hilarious comedy follows five teenagers as they embark on their high school freshman year. Olivia Holt from Kickin' It and A.N.T. Farm's Austin North star as competitive twins Lindy and Logan. 
11:00Austin & Ally Magazines and Made-up Stuff Trish exaggerates Austin's weekend exploits to a magazine, then Team Austin has to prove to a reporter that Ally really does get her inspiration from bungee jumping! 
11:30Jessie Beauty and the Beasts Jessie shows Zuri how to cheat in the Little Miss Big Apple competition, but later finds her cheating on her school work and must apologise for teaching her to do wrong. 
11:55Access All Areas: Music All the latest music videos and performances from top artists available for you, when you Access All Areas on Disney Channel. 
12:00Girl Meets World Girl Meets World of Terror Auggie hosts a trilogy of scary stories where characters each face their own worst fears, including his own fear that there is a creature under his bed. 
12:30Liv and Maddie New Year's Eve-A-Rooney It's New Year's Eve, and Maddie's upset Diggie is a long way away. So they argue and make up online. Liv hosts a New Year's Eve broadcast and uses it to her advantage. 
12:55Liv and Maddie Match-A-Rooney Liv plays matchmaker at the school dance when she tries to make Joey fall for Willow. 
13:25I Didn't Do It Logan's Run Jasmine and Delia think Lindy gets perks because she's blonde. Lindy tries to disprove it- but when Logan drops out of her jog-a-thon, no one's angry because of the Blonde Effect! 
13:50Austin & Ally Campers and Complications Ally's friend Elliott visits. Austin realises he's jealous although he's dating Kira. He tries to ignore his feelings but ends up trying to sabotage the relationship. 
14:20Kirby Buckets Cars, Buses and Lawnmowers Kirby enters a contest. The prize is to meet Kirby's idol, animator Mac McCallister and get the character on TV. Can Kirby get to the contest in time to enter? 
14:45Jessie Austin & Jessie & Ally's All Star Special - Part Two: Jessie wants Austin to sing one of her songs at his gig, but one of Zuri's poems gets mixed up with them, and that's the one he chooses. New. 
15:15Jessie Creepy Connie 3 - The Creepening: Creepy Connie is back to warn Luke about her friend called Mad Mac, who has an even bigger obsession with him than she does. But things aren't always what they seem. 
15:40I Didn't Do It Snow Problem While on a winter holiday, Lindy pretends she can't snowboard to spend time with a cute ski instructor. Chaos ensues when Bob and Nora get stranded in town and Logan is left in charge. 
16:10Girl Meets World Girl Meets Flaws The friends discover Farkle hiding in a closet. It turns out Billy has been bullying him and making him feel worthless. Riley starts a campaign which makes Billy see his mistakes. 
16:35Girl Meets World Girl Meets Boy To get his students to communicate in person rather than texting, Cory sets an assignment that shows how to communicate face to face, sparking a connection between Riley and Lucas. 
17:00Liv and Maddie Premiere-A-Rooney Things get tricky when the premiere of Liv's new movie clashes with the Stevens Point Cheddar-Brat Fest. She's determined to attend both and win the cheese wheel roll with Maddie. 
17:30Austin & Ally Cupids & Cuties Trish is nervous about a visit from a boy she fancies so she turns to advice columnist, Dr Cupid. The advice works, then she is surprised to learn Dr Cupid's real identity. 
18:00Austin & Ally Glee Clubs & Glory Austin and Ally compete against one another in a glee club style competition. There's trouble when Dez is teamed with Ally and Trish is teamed with Austin. 
18:25Girl Meets World Girl Meets Smackle Maya and Riley team up for project. Cory asks them to include shy Brenda in their team. He warns them not to try to change her as it is her weird qualities which make her unique. 
18:55Jessie 101 Lizards Ravi's lizard has 12 babies. He tries to find parents for them. Ms Chesterfield offers to help, but Ravi's worried she wants to make handbags out of them. He couldn't be more wrong. 
19:20Jessie The Trouble with Tessie Worried Tony is getting too clingy and jealous, Jessie panics when she's invited to dinner to meet his parents and finds a ring in her dessert. Is he about to propose? New. 
19:50Good Luck Charlie The Singin' Dancin' Duncans: Amy plans a big song and dance number for the annual hospital gala. She tries to get her family involved but when they make excuses she replaces them all in the show. 
20:15Austin & Ally Cry Babies and Cologne Trent tries to make up with Team Austin, but then steals Austin's new song and puts a version on the internet under the name T-Fame. Austin decides to teach him a lesson. 
20:45Wizards Of Waverly Place Wizards and Vampires - Dream Date: Dean moves away. Alex carries on dating him in her dreams. Trouble is, when he visits in real life it's disappointing and she decides to break up with him. 
21:10Hannah Montana My Best Friend's Boyfriend Miley becomes an amateur detective when she discovers that her best friend Lilly's boyfriend is a two-timing Romeo. She's determined to catch him out. 
21:40Good Luck Charlie Meet the Parents Gabe gets Teddy and PJ to pose as his parents to get him out of trouble with his old, short-sighted teacher. It's fine until the teacher thinks Mrs Duncan is being unfaithful! 
22:05A.N.T. Farm Feature PresANTation Cameron visits Chyna and tells her he wants to make a horror film at the school. Official permission is refused but Chyna doesn't tell him and tries to keep the filming secret. 
22:35Austin & Ally Club Owners & Quinceaneras Trish is having a traditional Mexican 15th birthday party, a quinceanera. Ally asks Dallas to dance - but he turns her down. She's upset, but then finds out why... 
23:05Jessie Creepy Connie Luke's dismayed when Jessie fixes him a study date with crazy Connie. He gets out of it by pretending he has a girlfriend, but Connie thinks it's Jessie and starts to threaten her. 
23:35Shake It Up Home Alone It Up Georgia goes away for the weekend. CeCe convinces her she can look after Flynn. But when CeCe leaves Flynn with a sick Rocky to go to a shoe sale, she returns to find him gone! New. 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Kim Possible Bonding Ron picks up a "bondo-ball" which activates and causes Kim and her rival Bonnie literally to become joined at the hip. Ron ends up glued shoulder to shoulder to Barkin.