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Listings for Disney on Wednesday, February 4 2015

06:00Good Luck Charlie The Curious Case of Mr Dabney Teddy's angry that Ivy is a text buddy with Amy, so tries to bond with Ivy's boring mother. Gabe and PJ investigate whether Mrs. Dabney has killed her husband. 
06:25Disney Mickey Mouse Goofy's Grandma Mickey helps Goofy by letting his Grandma stay at his house, but soon finds that she's not the sweet old lady she appears to be. 
06:30Kirby Buckets Art Attack Kirby's work isn't good enough for the art fair so he joins an underground artists' group who appreciate it. But when they threaten the art fair Kirby must decide where his loyalties lie. 
07:00Jessie Gotcha Day Jessie plans Zuri's Gotcha Day - the day her adoptive parents brought her home. Ravi learns when Christina and Morgan adopted him, they were expecting him to be a baby. 
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07:30Austin & Ally Presidents & Problems Visiting the Smithsonian museum Austin slips on the famous shoes from the Wizard of Oz and can't get them off! The museum thinks they've been stolen: what can he do? 
08:00Liv And Maddie Dump-a-Rooney Determined to be the first girl to win a basketball tournament, Maddie is horrified to find her partner Pete's a bit rusty, so she dumps him. But will her new partner be any better? 
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08:30Wizards Of Waverly Place Cast Away (to Another Show): Justin wins a trip on the SS Tipton, and takes Max. Not wanting to be left out, Alex talks her parents into going along, and replaces herself with Harper in class. 
09:00Austin & Ally Club Owners & Quinceaneras Trish is having a traditional Mexican 15th birthday party, a quinceanera. Ally asks Dallas to dance - but he turns her down. She's upset, but then finds out why... 
09:25Austin & Ally Songwriting & Starfish On the day of the Miami Beach Bash Ally, Austin, Trish and Dez find themselves in jail. They negotiate Austin's release so he can compete, but it's worth it when he wins! 
09:55Girl Meets World Girl Meets Truth When Riley compliments Farkle on his performance in the school play even though he wasn't very good, Maya tells her she shouldn't have done it and it's important to tell the truth. 
10:20Liv And Maddie Sweet 16-a-Rooney The girls are looking forward to planning their 16th birthday celebrations, but have very different ideas. Then their parents divulge they weren't actually born on the same day. 
10:50Liv And Maddie Sleep-a-Rooney Liv volunteers to supervise Parker's sleepover in hopes of reconnecting with him, having realised how much he's grown up while she's been away. But it doesn't go well. New. 
11:15Jessie Worldwide Web of Lies Jessie is bullied by another nanny, Agatha, who posts pics of her seeming to ill treat the kids on the web. Worried her employer might see it, she confronts the bully. 
11:45Jessie Creepy Connie Luke's dismayed when Jessie fixes him a study date with crazy Connie. He gets out of it by pretending he has a girlfriend, but Connie thinks it's Jessie and starts to threaten her. 
12:10I Didn't Do It The New Guy The gang is obsessed with mysterious new student, Californian surfer Tom, and wants him to join them. He soon proves to be boring and they must try to get him out of the gang again. 
12:40Good Luck Charlie Take Mel Out to the Ball Game Teddy discovers she has a Great Uncle Mel who Bob never told her about, so she goes to meet him. When she takes him out to a ball game she sees his unpleasant side. 
13:05Austin & Ally Deejays & Demos Austin's invited to play his latest hit on a live radio broadcast. He wants Ally to come along and perform, but she has stage fright so he just plays a demo with her singing. 
13:35Wizards Of Waverly Place Saving Wiz Tech (Part One): Wiz Tech closes so the Russos offer a home to student Ronald and Professor Crumbs. Ronald pretends to be Dean and kidnaps the real one, trapping him in jelly. 
14:00Disney Mickey Mouse Stayin' Cool: Mickey, Donald and Goofy struggle to stay cool on the hottest day of the year. 
14:05Jessie Take the A Train, I Think Emma must travel across New York for a project, so Jessie brings the other kids along for the experience. They get lost but Jessie is determined Emma will make it on time. 
14:30Austin & Ally Film-making & Fear Breaking Austin's fear of umbrellas is discovered when Dez casts him as a lifeguard, then he abruptly quits. Ally helps Austin overcome his fear and tackle the role. 
15:00Austin & Ally Fashion Shows & First Impressions Austin turns down a blind date Dez organizes, then meets the girl and asks her out, not knowing who she is. Trish arranges for Ally to model in a top fashion show. 
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15:30Jessie Punch Dumped Love Emma is banned from going to the school dance, but when she hears Rachel is going to dump Luke at the dance, she sneaks out to warn him. Guest star: Adam Sandler. New. 
16:00Liv And Maddie Flashback-A-Rooney Liv hides a letter telling Maddie if she's been invited to try out for the Olympic basketball team, in case it means she'll lose her sister for a year. But what does it say? 
16:30Girl Meets World Girl Meets Crazy Hat Cory divides his class into two fake companies, one driven by profits and the other by making people happy. Riley and Maya learn first impressions aren't always accurate. 
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17:00Austin & Ally Albums & Auditions Austin gets a record deal, then discovers he has nodules on his vocal cords and may never sing again! He must choose between a risky operation and maybe giving up his career? 
17:30Jessie Why do Foils Fall in Love? It's Jessie and Tony's first anniversary and she plans to write a song for him, but when she thinks he's forgotten the song turns into an angry one which goes viral. 
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18:00I Didn't Do It Snow Problem While on a winter holiday, Lindy pretends she can't snowboard to spend time with a cute ski instructor. Chaos ensues when Bob and Nora get stranded in town and Logan is left in charge. 
18:30Liv And Maddie Twin-a-Rooney Maddie is sure that Liv has come back to ruin her life when she confides in her about Diggie, a boy she likes, and then is horrified when Liv asks him out pretending to be her. New. 
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19:00That's So Raven Separation Anxiety Raven thinks she has a vision of her parents getting a divorce, and tries to stop it. But as usual she's not quite got it right. 
19:25Boy Meets World Hair Today Goon Tomorrow Cory struggles with problems about his looks, Topanga tries to make a point and emphasise inner beauty - but it backfires. 
19:50Austin & Ally Austin & Alias Ally assumes the alias Roxy Ryder so she can continue to be Austin's songwriter while on a different music label. But things get tricky when Roxy is invited to appear on a TV show. 
20:15Shake It Up Egg it up: Rocky and CeCe fall out when they get assigned to do a school project together, but CeCe doesn't feel like working. Rocky tries to switch partners, hurting CeCe's feelings. 
20:45Good Luck Charlie The Bob Duncan Experience Gabe and his friend Leo decide to run a lemonade stand, but they argue about how to organise it so they end up running rival stands and being bitterly competitive. 
21:10Hannah Montana O Say, Can You Remember the Words? Oliver is upset when he overhears Miley saying she doesn't want him to help with the drama class performance because he gets stage fright. 
21:40Hannah Montana New Kid in School A new pupil turns out to be Jake Ryan, who stars in hit TV show Zombie High. Most people are thrilled and he gets lots of attention, which makes Miley jealous. 
22:05Good Luck Charlie The Singin' Dancin' Duncans: Amy plans a big song and dance number for the annual hospital gala. She tries to get her family involved but when they make excuses she replaces them all in the show. 
22:35Groove High The Secret Gardener Tom learns the school's new gardener is Max Shredder, a legendary guitar hero who mysteriously disappeared years earlier, and tries to persuade him to make a come-back. New. 
23:05Violetta Episode 36 The big show is looming. The studio's reputation is at stake. Herman and Jade's wedding is also imminent. Violetta confronts Tomas and asks him why he has been strange with her. New. 
23:55Disney Mickey Mouse New York Weenie When Mickey buys a hot dog for his beloved and very hungry Minnie there is an unexpected result. He ends up on an energetic chase through New York's Central Park. New. 
00:00Disney Channel Preview Disney Channel is the home of Shake It Up, Wizards Of Waverly Place and The Suite Life of Zack On Deck and incredible original movies! 
06:00Good Luck Charlie Dance Off Teddy invites Spencer to the school dance, and they go with Ivy and Emmett (who likes Teddy). The boys have a dance-off over Teddy, who is angry her date with Spencer has been spoiled.