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Listings for Sky One on Saturday, March 3 2018

06:00Futurama Leela's Homeworld After being named 'Orphan Of The Year', Leela finally learns the truth about her parents and her own identity. (S4, ep 4) 
06:30Futurama Where The Buggalo Roam Amy's boyfriend Kif tries to impress her parents by going after those who rustled their 'buggalo' livestock on Mars. (S4, ep 6) 
07:00The Flash New & Exclusive The Trial of The Flash: As Barry's goes on trial for the murder of Devoe, Joe and Iris must decide how far they are willing to go to keep him out of jail. (S4, ep 10) Also in HD 
08:00The Simpsons Marge annoys Homer when she tells him that she admires Ned Flanders for working hard and being able to provide his family with the best of everything. Also in HD 
08:30The Simpsons Bart is befriended by a couple of mobsters. Also in HD 
09:00The Simpsons Homer falls asleep on the job, unaware that a nuclear melt- down is occurring in the plant. Also in HD 
09:30The Simpsons Bart and Lisa try to re-unite Krusty The Clown with his estranged father, Rabbi Krustofski (Jackie Mason). Also in HD 
10:00Live - Soccer AM John Fendley, Jimmy Bullard and Lloyd Griffith are joined by guests from the world of sport and entertainment for the Saturday morning football show, with regular features, games and goals. Also in HD 
11:30New: What's Up TV New & Exclusive. Jacqueline investigates the threat of hidden sugars in our food and Buffy meets inspirational women at Stylist Live. Joe chats drum and bass with DJ duo Sigma. (S13, ep 6) Also in HD 
12:00Futurama A Pharoah To Remember Bender's longing to be remembered motivates him to become a tyrannical Pharaoh on Osiris 4. (S4, ep 7) 
12:30Live Premier League Burnley meet Everton at Turf Moor in the Premier League. Jeff Hendrick's goal proved the difference as Burnley won the reverse fixture 1-0 in October. Also in HD 
15:15Gillette Soccer Saturday Jeff Stelling is joined by guests to look over all the afternoon's football, with analysis of the scores, results and stories as they come in. Also in HD 
17:15Gillette Soccer Saturday Jeff Stelling is joined by guests to look over all the afternoon's football, with analysis of the scores, results and stories as they come in. Also in HD 
17:30New: Harry Hill's Tea-Time New & Exclusive. The Unseen: There's more madcap antics and cooking chaos in these unseen clips from Harry's crazy culinary show. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD 
18:00The Simpsons Lisa, Bart and Homer suffer from nightmares after eating too much candy. Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons Homer buys Lisa a pony that the family can ill afford. Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons Homer signs up for the nuclear power plant's softball team. Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Bart finds new respect for the law and Lisa hangs out with the wrong crowd after they both take career aptitude tests. Also in HD 
20:00NCIS: Los Angeles New & Exclusive. This is what we do: Homeland Security send over Nell's bossy sister when a violent group of assailants illegally cross the border. (S9, ep 8) Also in HD 
21:00New: The Oscars: Greatest Shocks... Ahead of the 90th Academy Awards Alex Zane looks back at some of the greatest moments in Oscars history, with contributions from past winners, film critics and fans. Also in HD 
22:00Hannibal Film Anthony Hopkins returns as cannibal serial killer Dr Lecter, now at large but hunted by a mutilated former victim. Thriller with Julianne Moore. Strong language/violence. (2000)(132 mins) Also in HD 
00:30The Russell Howard Hour Join Russell for his take on current affairs as he mocks the madness of the news and talks NHS with comedian and former junior doctor Adam Kay. Musical comedy from Harry & Chris (S1, ep 2) Also in HD 
01:30Strike Back: Retribution New & Exclusive. It's gripping stuff in the series finale. Section 20 are desperate to clear their names. And to do so, they hatch a big and wreckless plan. (S6, ep 10) Also in HD 
02:30Hawaii Five-0 New & Exclusive. He Kaha Lu'u Ke Ala, Mai Ho'okolo Aku: (The Trail Leads to a Diving Place; Do Not Follow After): McGarrett poses as a pilot to investigate a fatal plane crash. (S8, ep 8) Also in HD 
03:30Bliss New & Exclusive. Andrew's got a problem - Kris and Christina are mixing in the same circles and may fancy each other. He must find out what's going on. Fast. (S1, ep 3) Also in HD 
04:00Stargate Atlantis Infection Sheppard and crew stumble upon a seemingly abandoned Wraith vessel. Ignoring the old adage that appearances can be deceiving, they decide to investigate. (S5, ep 17) Also in HD 
05:00Stargate Atlantis Identity Dr Keller is taken over by an alien consciousness named Neeva and she's far from pleasant. Barnstorming, body-swapping action. (S5, ep 18) Also in HD 
06:00New: The Hour Of Power Tune in for an inspirational boost of positive thinking in this colourful religious broadcast. Also in HD