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Listings for Sky One on Wednesday, November 29 2017

06:00Monkey Life Baby chimp Rodders needs to have a tooth removed after a rough playing session, and John examines the leg that ape Jimmy nearly lost. (S2, ep 15) 
06:30Monkey Life Cheeky chimp Seamus makes the jump from the nursery to the bachelor pad. Trouble looms for toddler orangutan Aris, too, when he's drawn into a fight. (S2, ep 16) 
07:00Monkey Life Aris's knee injury turns out to be worse than expected during a trip to the vet. Chimp Patricia, meanwhile, is starting to get along with alpha male Hananya. (S2, ep 17) 
07:30Monkey Life Military aircraft are dispatched to transport 88 capuchin monkeys from their Chilean home to their new abode at Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre. (S2, ep 18) 
08:00Animal 999 Go behind the scenes at the Scottish SPCA, the country's leading animal charity, as cameras follow the work of its inspectors and rescue officers. (S2, ep 8) Also in HD 
08:30Animal 999 Go behind the scenes at the Scottish SPCA, the country's leading animal charity, as cameras follow the work of its inspectors and rescue officers. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD 
09:00The Dog Whisperer Spike, Jake & Nugget And Wendel Cesar confronts a family's German shepherd that's so aggressive the German shepherd rescue centre wouldn't take him back. (S2, ep 9) Also in HD 
10:00Monkey Life Baby woolly monkey Paulo meets his new family for the first time, and pregnant orangutan Amy gets to grips with a breast pump. (S3, ep 9) 
10:30Monkey Life A shock is in store for chimps Ben and Pip when they have another encounter with Hananya. Piquita, meanwhile, is the centre of attention in the woolly monkey enclosure. (S3, ep 10) 
11:00Modern Family Heart Broken Phil and Claire get back in touch with Clive Bixby and Juliana, while Jay looks forward to some alone time with Gloria. Moderate sex references. (S4, ep 15) Also in HD 
11:30Modern Family Bad Hair Day Phil is bitten by the green-eyed monster after gate-crashing Claire's college reunion, while Cam's elaborate photo shoot ends in disaster. Mild sexual references. (S4, ep 16) Also in HD 
12:00NCIS: Los Angeles Beacon An unexpected blast from the past rocks Callen and Sam when a presumed-dead acquaintance reaches out to them for help. (S6, ep 21) Also in HD 
13:00Hawaii Five-0 Heihei (Race): While investigating a heist involving a highly skilled ring of thieves, Danny is forced to call in a favour from his ex-wife to help him crack the case. (S1, ep 10) Also in HD 
14:00Hawaii Five-0 Palekaiko (Paradise): When an abducted woman is found with almost no memory of the event, Five-0 investigate and are embroiled in a complex case that keeps them guessing. (S1, ep 11) Also in HD 
15:00NCIS: Los Angeles Kolcheck, A: Callen and Sam look into the deaths of multiple crew members who worked on a missing oil tanker used in Arkady's deal with Russia. (S6, ep 23) Also in HD 
16:00Stargate SG-1 Into The Fire Imprisoned on Hathor's planet, the SG-1's only hope is Hammond and Teal'c. (S3, ep 1) 
17:00The Simpsons Lisa The Simpson Lisa fears she is genetically predisposed to lose her intelligence. (S9, ep 17) Also in HD 
17:30Futurama Bender's Big Score Part 1: Hermes loses his head in a lethal limbo contest, the Earth is invaded by aliens and the key to time travel may be located on Fry's backside. (S6, ep 1) Also in HD 
18:00Futurama Bender's Big Score Part 2: The email-scamming aliens start looting history for its treasures, Leela's romance continues to bloom and a heartbroken Fry returns to the year 2000. (S6, ep 2) Also in HD 
18:30The Simpsons The Joy of Sect Marge tries her hand at deprogramming after her family is brainwashed by a religious cult. (S9, ep 13) Also in HD 
19:00The Simpsons The Temptation of Krust Krusty shuns his old routines in favour of edgier material - and suddenly becomes the hottest comic in show business. (S9, ep 15) Also in HD 
19:30The Simpsons Dumbbell Indemnity When Moe finds himself strapped for cash as a result of romancing his new love, he enlists Homer in a scheme. Featuring the guest voice of Helen Hunt. (S9, ep 16) Also in HD 
20:00New: DC's Legends Of Tomorrow New & Exclusive. Welcome to the Jungle: A new Anachronism leads the team to Vietnam and puts them right in the middle of a war. Rory get a glimpse into his past. (S3, ep 7) Also in HD 
21:00New: Marvel's Inhumans New & Exclusive. The Gentleman's Name is Gorgon: Tragedy strikes the Royal Family as Gorgon and Karnak take on Auran and her Inhuman army with deadly consequences. (S1, ep 6) Also in HD 
22:00New: Bounty Hunters New & Exclusive. It's make or break time for Barnaby as he flies to Mexico to broker the deal of his life. Can he and Leah end this once and for all? And will Nina escape Angel? (S1, ep 6) Also in HD 
22:40The Simpsons Lisa the Skeptic Townspeople believe Lisa has unearthed the fossilised remains of an angel. (S9, ep 8) Also in HD 
23:10The Simpsons Reality Bites Marge is employed by an estate agent but her honesty costs her lucrative sales. (S9, ep 9) Also in HD 
23:35A League Of Their Own Actor Matt Smith, TV presenter Jonathan Ross and British athlete Perri Shakes-Drayton join James Corden and co on the comedy panel show. (S7, ep 6) Also in HD 
00:30Road Wars The Thames Valley Police provide a fascinating insight into car crime and its prevention. Plus, shocking video footage captures dangerous drivers in action. Strong language. (S4, ep 16) 
01:00The Force: Essex New & Exclusive. Can't Choose Your Family: A grandmother is shocked after she is burgled by her own grandson, and the mother of a learner driver is arrested for being drunk. (S3, ep 3) Also in HD 
02:00Night Cops An inside scoop into the lives of Britain's policemen. Tonight's gritty episode involves a violent individual not afraid to use his fists and a double drug arrest. Strong language. (5/6) 
03:00Brit Cops: Frontline Crime Devon/Cornwall Adrenaline-fuelled documentary following Britain's police as they wage war against crime. This week's fix focuses on police in Devon and Cornwall. (S1, ep 3) 
04:00Stop Search Seize Join Ireland's Customs teams as they, with the help of the Irish police, try to stop organised smugglers from bringing drugs, cars and even exotic animals into the country. (S1, ep 13) Also in HD 
05:00The Dog Whisperer Buster, Jack and Marley, and Sparky Cesar Millan tries to tame Sparky, a badly behaved dog left in a box on its owner's doorstep. (S5, ep 14) Also in HD 
06:00Monkey Life The Chilean capuchins arrive safe and sound in the UK, but there is bad news in the orangutan house. Concerns grow for Aris, too, in the aftermath of his knee operation. (S2, ep 19)