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Listings for Scifi on Monday, October 30 2017

06:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Ethics When he loses the ability to walk after an accident in a cargo bay, a traumatised Worf asks Riker to assist him in a Klingon suicide. (S5 Ep16) 
07:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Outcast Riker finds himself falling for a Gennai when the two races collaborate on a mission to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a shuttle. (S5 Ep17) 
08:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
11:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Cause And Effect The future of the Enterprise looks bleak when the ship gets trapped in a time warp, causing the crew members to continually repeat their experiences. (S5 Ep18) 
12:00Dark Matter Welcome To The Revolution The Raza's crew find themselves in the middle of a colony's struggle for independence after they receive a message from a former associate. (S3 Ep3) 
13:00Dark Matter All The Time In The World Three is trapped in a time loop, endlessly reliving the same day - but must convince his crewmates of this if they are to help fix it. (S3 Ep4) 
14:00The Never Ending Story II:... Film ...The Next Chapter. Bastian returns to the magical land of Fantasia which he previously saved, but now it is threatened by the sorceress Xayide. (1990) 
16:00Dark Matter Give It Up, Princess One of Tabor's friends demands a file on Ferrous in exchange for a hostage, and the crew must track it down. (S3 Ep5) 
17:00Dark Matter One More Card To Play The crew are obliged to deal with some all-too-familiar faces - but their plan may have been anticipated. (S3 Ep6) 
18:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The First Duty When Wesley Crusher's team suffers an accident at Starfleet Academy, Picard helps investigate its cause, and believes a cover-up is taking place. (S5 Ep19) 
19:00Star Trek: The Next Generation Cost Of Living The Enterprise manages to destroy an asteroid that was putting a planet at risk, but then is itself in danger from the asteroid's parasites. (S5 Ep20) 
20:00Star Trek: The Next Generation The Perfect Mate An empathic Metamorph which could be the peacemaker between two warring factions is in danger of being abducted by the Ferengi. (S5 Ep21) 
21:00Star Trek: Insurrection Film When Data malfunctions while observing an apparently primitive race, Picard uncovers a conspiracy to steal their natural resources. Patrick Stewart stars. (1998) 
23:10Dead Rising: Endgame Film In the zombie-infested quarantined zone of East Mission City, an investigative reporter battles to foil a sinister government conspiracy. (2016) 
01:00Extant Arms and the Humanich Many hybrids die when the Humanich army assaults the compound, and Molly and Ahdu realise that those who did escape pose a whole new threat. (S2 Ep8) 
02:0012 Monkeys Splinter James Cole, a time traveller from a dystopian, plague-ravaged future, arrives in the present on a desperate mission to change the course of history. (S1 Ep1) 
03:00Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files Bar Fright/Mexico City Cave Witch Bill, Lanisha and Devin visit a bar in Texas where video of an exploding ashtray supports the bar's claims of poltergeist activity. (S2 Ep12) 
04:00Star Trek: Voyager Non Sequitur Harry Kim wakes up one morning in San Francisco having never served aboard Voyager, but discovers he is employed at Starfleet Headquarters instead. (S2 Ep5) 
05:00Star Trek: Voyager Twisted The crew find themselves in danger when a spatial distortion ring begins to reconfigure the internal layout of Voyager. (S2 Ep6)