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Listings for Mtv on Tuesday, October 15 2019

06:00Daria Daria ponders whether having a relationship must necessarily involve touching another human being. (S5, ep12) 
06:2516 and Pregnant Aleah met her boyfriend Shawn in a juvenile detention centre. Now they live together and Aleah is pregnant with health worries. Will the couple be able to cope? (S5, ep7) 
07:1016 and Pregnant Jazmin was a motivated teenager from a strict family. She fell in love with Dell and got pregnant at 17. Can she gain back her parents' trust and allow Dell to spend time with their baby? (S5, ep8) 
08:0016 and Pregnant Ebony and Josh both have dreams of joining the Air Force, but that may have to change now that Ebony is pregnant. (S1, ep4) 
09:0016 and Pregnant Not only is 16 year old Whitney pregnant, but so is her mother! Watch her prepare to become both a big sister... and a mother. (S1, ep5) 
10:00Teen Mom OG Celebrating 10 Years Ryan returns home and Maci is disappointed he doesn't make more of an effort with Bentley. Cheyenne and Matt's relationship is getting serious. (S8, ep5) 
11:00Teen Mom OG Celebrating 10 Years The ladies take their first girls trip in ten years to Florida. Catelynn breaks some news to Nova who doesn't take it well, while Maci plans a surprise for Amber at a drag show. (S8, ep6) 
12:00Teen Mom OG Celebrating 10 Years Catelynn celebrates Mother's Day at home while Tyler visits his sister in Texas. Maci goes to Washington D.C to advocate for PCOS, while Cheyenne is shocked at Cory's girlfriend's behaviour. (S8, ep7) 
13:00Teen Mom OG Celebrating 10 Years Amber and Gary discuss how to handle Leah's panic attacks. Cheyenne questions Cory's priorities. Maci throws Taylor a surprise 30th birthday party. (S8, ep8) 
14:00Catfish: Filter Fakers Catfish is going international with a trip to the UK! Nev and Max meet Spencer who's been holding on to a secret for six years: he's in a relationship with a global pop star! (S5, ep15) 
15:00Catfish: Filter Fakers Dylan receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love, Ally, is not who she says she is. After the mystery texter is revealed, Nev and Max uncover a huge web of deceit! (S6, ep10) 
16:00Catfish: Filter Fakers Robin is desperate to meet her hunky, long-distance love in person. Nev and Max agree to help her hunt him down, but what they uncover turns out to be much more than Robin bargained for! (S6, ep17) 
17:00Catfish: Filter Fakers A Tinder match ignited a fire for Jordan that caused Angel to end a real relationship to pursue him. Nev and his wife Laura uncover dark truths that could lose Angel everyone she loves. (S7, ep13) 
18:00Catfish: Filter Fakers After chatting for years with Chris, Shakinah needs to move forward with her life. But when Nev and co-host Kamie Crawford find out that Chris is a pop star, they know Shakinah needs help. (S7, ep24) 
19:00Teen Mom 2 Leah faces another health scare with Addie. Jade and Sean reach boiling point, forcing her to move out. Briana is torn when she gets a suspicious DM about John. Adam surprises Aubree. (S9, ep21) 
20:00Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant UK Laura and Morgan both officially become mums. Charlotte faces the reality of her mum's illness. Alisha has a heart-wrenching birth. Charlie puts on a brave face for her baby shower. (S1, ep4) 
21:00New: Ex On The Beach USA Aubrey and Mark's relationship hits the rocks. Devin's new romance sends Marie into a tailspin. The final Crush Date is awarded and an unexpected guest interrupts things for one couple. (S3, ep11) 
22:00Reggie Yates Meets World Influencers are the new celebrity and with this fame comes the pressure to keep up. Reggie Yates finds out how willing influencers are to go under the knife in search of beauty perfection. (S1, ep4) 
23:00Catfish: The TV Show Nev helps a lovestruck Navajo girl on her vision quest to find the Zuni man she loves, a man who not only admitted to being a drug smuggler but also claimed to have died. (S7, ep36) 
00:00Geordie Shore The gang celebrate Pride as only the Geordies can with a mother of a house party. The course of true love doesn't run smooth for Sophie and Alex. Sam returns and Abbie and Adam get it on. (S17, ep11) 
01:00Geordie Shore The Geordies' time down under is at an end, but not before they hit the seas for a boat party. Sam and Chloe make a decision about their relationship, and Sophie says goodbye to Alex. (S17, ep12) 
02:00Geordie Shore The Geordies are back on home turf and ready to cause more mayhem. This time, they'll be joined by old faces, new faces, friends and family as they prepare to tear up the Toon once again. (S18, ep1) 
02:50Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo help burp some "Baby Drunks" and trash some cars in "It's a Rental". (S12, ep18) 
03:15Ridiculousness Soulful singer Allen Stone joins Rob, Steelo, and Chanel to put smiles to the test in "Testing Positive" and get frustrated with technology in "Tech Wrecked". (S12, ep19) 
03:35Ridiculousness Rob, Chanel, and Steelo help fold up some "Human Origami" and celebrate some "Casual Badasses". (S12, ep20) 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Daria Daria becomes obsessed with a big carton. Who wouldn't? (S5, ep13)