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Listings for Paramount on Friday, January 17 2020

06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:00Will & Grace The Accidental Tsuris When Grace's rebellious, older sister Janet comes to town to launch her new jewelry enterprise, Grace decides to put her foot down casting her sibling away. (S6, E11) 
08:35Will & Grace A Gay/December Romance Attending a local gallery, Will catches the eye of a rich plastic surgeon, who uses his fortune to provide the modest lawyer with a new level of material possessions. (S6, E12) 
09:00My Name Is Earl Didn't Pay Taxes Earl tries to make up for not paying taxes his whole life. Unfortunately, the government is not interested, so he has to figure out another way to pay the money back. (S1, E17) 
09:30My Name Is Earl Dad's Car Earl and Randy watch some old home videos that remind Earl of Number 108: "Lost Dad's Mustang.", so Earl tries to make up for losing his dad's Mustang in a drag race. (S1, E18) 
10:00Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The guys return to White Castle, pose as bouncers at a night club, and read horoscopes to patrons at a mall. (S2, E01) 
10:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show. The jokers pose as furniture salesmen, sell jewellery to couples, and pitch some whacky memoirs to potential readers. (S2, E02) 
11:00Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The lads play a round of "Don't I Know You?" with complete strangers, and pose as driving school teachers. (S2, E03) 
11:30Impractical Jokers Hidden camera practical joke show that follows the comedy troupe The Tenderloins. The pranksters take jobs at a garden centre, pose as deli employees, and try their luck as CPR instructors. (S2, E04) 
11:55Friends The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break (1): Ross seeks solace at a party after a bitter fight with Rachel and ends up in the arms of another woman. First of a two-part episode. (S3, E15) 
12:30Friends The One The Morning After (2): When Rachel discovers that Ross slept with Chloe, she decides to break up with him. Second of a two-part episode. (S3, E16) 
13:00Friends The One Without The Ski Trip Ross and Rachel compete to spend time with their other friends. When a lonely Ross is excluded from Rachel's ski trip with her pals, he visits Carol. (S3, E17) 
13:30Friends The One With The Hypnosis Tape Monica gets a tip from an admirer worth a small fortune. Meanwhile, a hypnosis tape makes Chandler act like a woman. Guest starring Jon Favreau. (S3, E18) 
14:00Friends The One With The Tiny T-Shirt Rachel goes on her first date since her breakup with Ross. Monica dates Pete the billionaire, even though she is still not attracted to him. (S3, E19) 
14:30Friends The One With The Dollhouse Joey thinks he's found his true love. Rachel's boss dates Chandler, creating big trouble for Rachel and Monica inherits a dollhouse. (S3, E20) 
15:00Friends The One With A Chick And A Duck When Pete buys a restaurant, Monica must decide whether to accept his offer of employment there. Meanwhile, Joey and Chandler adopt a duck and a chick. (S3, E21) 
15:30Friends The One With The Screamer Ross thinks that Rachel's date (Ben Stiller) is crazy. Joey falls in love with Kate, but when she's offered a job in Los Angeles, she takes it. (S3, E22) 
16:00My Name Is Earl Y2K When Earl tries to return a take-a-number machine to a department store, it triggers memories of when the gang moved into the department store on 1/1/2000. (S1, E19) 
16:30My Name Is Earl Boogeyman When Earl decides to cross off "made a kid scared of the boogeyman" from his list, he discovers just what kind of lasting affect he had on the little boy. (S1, E20) 
17:00Friends The One With Ross's Thing Ross finds a strange growth on his buttocks and Phoebe can't choose between two guys. Meanwhile, Monica's boyfriend surprises her by not proposing...(S3, E23) 
17:30Friends The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion Phoebe sets Ross up on a date with a woman who used to be bald. Robin Williams and Billy Crystal guest star. (S3, E24) 
18:00Friends The One At The Beach The gang goes to the beach. Phoebe meets a family friend with links to her family's past and Ross discovers that Rachel still loves him. (S3, E25) 
18:30Friends The One With The Jellyfish Ross dates Rachel again after unwittingly agreeing to take responsibility for their breakup. Meanwhile, Monica gets stung by a jellyfish. (S4, E01) 
19:00Friends The One With The Cat Phoebe believes that the cat that jumped into her guitar case in Central Perk contains the spirit of her adoptive mum. (S4, E02) 
19:30Friends The One With The 'Cuffs: Monica tries to prove that she can cater a gourmet meal for her mother. Meanwhile, Chandler gets into an embarrassing situation while dating Rachel's boss. (S4, E03) 
20:00Friends The One With The Ballroom Dancing Joey teaches the building superintendent ballroom dancing in order to prevent him from evicting Rachel and Monica. (S4, E04) 
20:30Friends The One With Joey's New Girlfriend Joey thinks that Chandler hates Joey's new girlfriend, Kathy. However, little does he know, it's exactly the opposite. (S4, E05) 
21:00Kevin Bridges Live: The Story... ...Continues. Recorded on a Saturday night in Glasgow, this home town gig shows off Kevin's no nonsense approach to comedy. He cuts through the niceties with his Glaswegian man in the street charm. 
22:00Jackass: The Movie Film Johnny Knoxville and his band of maniacs perform a variety of stunts and gross-out gags on the big screen for the first time. The antics range from childlike to grotesque and life-threatening! (2002) 
23:55The Mick The Hotel Mickey and the kids are forced to downgrade from their temporary residence at a hotel after their financial advisor cuts them off due to excessive spending. (S2, E01) 
00:30The Mick The Friend Mickey's relationship with Alba is tested when Greenwich divorcee Trish hits rock bottom and becomes the perfect new friend for Mickey. (S2, E02) 
01:00South Park Helen Keller! The Musical The boys stage a Thanksgiving play about the life of author Helen Keller, starring Timmy as Helen. There's trouble involving his favourite turkey, Gobbles. (S4, E13) 
01:30South Park Pip (a.k.a. Great Expectations): South Park's unusual version of the classic Dickens tale, featuring robot monkeys and the Genesis Device! Narrated in vision by Malcolm McDowell. (S4, E14) 
02:00South Park Fat Camp Cartman is sent to fat camp in order to resolve his weight problem but all is not as it seems when he returns skinny. Kenny gets his own TV show where he performs disgusting acts. (S4, E15) 
02:30South Park The Wacky Molestation Adventure Kyle has his parents arrested so he can go to a concert but things get out of hand and it's not long before there are no adults left in town! (S4, E16) 
03:00New: The Daily Show Brand new and exclusive. Joining Trevor tonight is actor/comedian JB Smoove, talking about the new season of "Curb Your Enthusiasm". 
03:25Drunk History Tom Craine regales us with the story of Sir Walter Raleigh (starring Jack Whitehall and Michelle Keegan). Tom Davis tells the tale of Robin Hood (Mathew Baynton) & Maid Marian (Emma Bunton). (S2, E01) 
03:50Drunk History Iain Stirling slurs his way through Scott of the Antarctic (featuring Mathew Horne and Catherine Tate), whilst Chris Ramsey talks the sinking of the Titanic (featuring Phill Jupitus). (S2, E02) 
04:15Takeshi's Castle One hundred more warriors take on the Flying Mushroom, Runaway Rockaway and Bridge Ball, all for the ultimate prize of storming the castle and making the General proud. (S1, E09) 
04:35Takeshi's Castle Jonathan Ross narrates as one hundred brave contestants battle it out to reach Takeshi's castle. There's water, there's mud and there's lots of other unsightly things waiting for them. (S1, E10) 
05:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.