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Listings for Boomerang on Wednesday, June 28 2017

06:00Grizzy and The Lemmings Jurassic Bear; SUPER HAPPO Playing Safe. 
06:15The ZhuZhus Chip Off The Old Chunk. 
06:30Mr. Bean: The Animated Series Green Bean. 
06:45Mr Bean: The Animated Series Lord Bean. 
07:00New: Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Doo Not Disturb. 
07:30New: The Tom & Jerry Show Cat-A-Tonic Mouse; Pinch Hitter; Hunger Games. 
08:00My Knight and Me The Dragon Rider; Cease Fire. 
08:31Grizzy and The Lemmings Extreme Fitness; Domestic Robots; Mass Control. 
09:00What's New Scooby-Doo? E-Scream; Reef Grief. 
10:00Tom and Jerry Tales Cat Show Catastrophe; Don't Bring Your Pet to School; Jungle Love; Cat of Prey; Adventures in Penguin-sitting; Over the River and Boo the Woods. 
11:00The Looney Tunes Show A Christmas Carol; It's a Handbag. 
12:00The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles of the Opera. When Bubbles gets a bad school photo, it sends her into an existential tailspin... of darkness. 
12:15The ZhuZhus Walter-Gate. 
12:30Grizzy and The Lemmings Lemming Tonic; Bear Itch; Thirst Quencher. 
13:00Masha and the Bear Once in a Year; Self-Made Hero. 
13:22The Happos Family PARTY HAPPO Bringing up Baby. 
13:30What's New Scooby-Doo? High-Tech House of the Future. High-Tech House of the Future: The gang visit a fair to see the inventions of the future. 
14:01Tom & Jerry Jerry and Jumbo; Johann Mouse; That's My Pup. 
14:30Talking Tom and Friends Big Ben. Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas and an unfailing sense of humour, Talking Tom and his friends are on a mission to reach stardom at all costs. 
14:45Mr Bean: The Animated Series Bean Painting. 
15:00My Knight and Me Princess Jimmy; Kurt The Shining Squire. 
15:31The ZhuZhus Badge To The Bone; Full Groan. 
16:00Tom & Jerry Shutter Bugged Cat; Purr-Chance to Dream; Quiet Please. 
16:31Grizzy and The Lemmings Bear Scents; Bear Luck; Magnetic Bear. 
17:00New: Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Silver Scream. 
17:30New: The Tom & Jerry Show Going Going Gone Viral; Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow; Wing Nuts. 
18:00My Knight and Me The Helmet Of Epic; The Challenge. 
18:31The ZhuZhus Ha Ha Hamsters; Zhuper Girl. 
19:00Mr Bean: The Animated Series Ice Cream; The Robot. 
19:31The Tom & Jerry Show Cat-A-Tonic Mouse; Pinch Hitter; Hunger Games. 
20:00Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! Doo Not Disturb. To escape a snowstorm, the gang checks into a creepy, massive hotel run by a man very strict about the hotel rules established by his deceased mother. 
20:31Looney Tunes The Hare-Brained Hypnotist; Birds Anonymous; The Solid Tin Coyote. 
21:00Tom & Jerry Tales Doggone Hill Hog; Ho Ho Horrors; Northern Light Fish Fight; Bats What I Like About the South; Fraidycat Scat; Tomb It May Concern. 
22:00The Looney Tunes Show Best Friends; Members Only. 
23:00What's New Scooby-Doo? Gold Paw; E-Scream. 
00:00LazyTown Princess Stephanie. Stephanie and the LazyTown kids all big dreams of what they want to be when older. But when Robbie makes Stephanie's dream come true, she finds that it wasn't what she wished for. 
00:25LazyTown Ziggy's Talking Teddy. When Ziggy talks to his teddy bear, it gives him confidence. But Ziggy's belief about his future is shaken when Robbie replaces Ziggy's bear with a bully teddy bear. 
00:50The Garfield Show Online Arbuckle; Revenge of the Cat People; Doggone Jon; Pawparazzi; Bride and Broom; The Write Stuff. 
02:00LazyTown Chef Rottenfood. Chef Pablo Fantastico arrives in town. He helps the mayor cook a special meal for Bessie, but Robbie has a plan to ruin the day. 
02:23LazyTown Breakfast at Stephanie's. Pixel creates a disappearing helmet. Robbie steals it and plans to make Sportacus look like a fool! 
02:46LazyTown The Holiday Spirit. Stingy wishes for all the things on everyone's list. And when Robbie accidentally knocks down Santa Claus, it looks like his wish has been granted... 
03:10The Garfield Show Muscle Mouse; Cupid Cat; Long Lost Lyman part 1; Long Lost Lyman part 2; Long Lost Lyman part 3. 
04:10LazyTown The First Day of Summer; The LazyCup. 
05:00The Garfield Show Little Trouble In Big China, Part 3. Garfield, Odie, Nermal, and Jon end up in China, where a treasure heist is planned. 
05:15The Garfield Show Dog Days. Odie and the people he has licked are somehow making everyone act like dogs: it's a canine contagion! 
05:30The Garfield Show Little Trouble In Big China, Part 4. Garfield, Odie, Nermal, and Jon end up in China, where a treasure heist is planned. 
05:45The Garfield Show The Bluebird of Happiness. Garfield must save a lost baby bluebird from finding a new home: Harry's stomach! 
06:00Grizzy and The Lemmings Extreme Fitness; STUNT HAPPO Parachute Perils.