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Listings for E4 on Friday, December 6 2019

06:00Hollyoaks Cindy is putting her life back together, but it could be about to come tumbling down again. Sienna has reason to celebrate, but Brody and Liberty's secret is looming over them all. 
06:30Hollyoaks Darren offers Luke a friendly ear, while Tom is concerned that Cindy is setting herself up for a fall. Finn is haunted by his past when his new job takes him to familiar ground. 
07:00How I Met Your Mother The Magician's Code (Part 1/2): Lily goes into labour while Marshall is in Atlantic City with Barney, so Ted and Robin try to distract her from her painful contractions. (S7 Ep23/24) 
07:30How I Met Your Mother The Magician's Code (Part 2/2): Barney and Quinn take their first holiday together but get in trouble with airport security. Ted gets in touch with his ex-girlfriend Victoria. (S7 Ep24/24) 
08:00Mike & Molly Shoeless Molly Flynn Molly is forced to conclude that she needs to adjust her spending habits - especially in relation to shoes - if she wants to maintain harmony in her marriage. (S4 Ep5) 
08:30Mike & Molly They Shoot Asses, Don't They? After being shot during a robbery, Mike aims to make the most of every day and tells Carl that the time is right for him to quit the police force. (S4 Ep6) 
09:00Young Sheldon Albert Einstein and the Story of Another Mary Thinking she may be expecting, Mary secretly buys a pregnancy test with Meemaw. Sheldon takes up the violin. (S2 Ep17/22) 
09:30Young Sheldon A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow Sheldon moves in with Dr Sturgis for a night to see what it would be like to leave home and go to college. (S2 Ep18/22) 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Parking Spot Escalation When non-driver Sheldon finds out that his unused parking space at the university has been reallocated to Howard, he feels undermined. (S6 Ep9/24) 
10:30The Big Bang Theory The Fish Guts Displacement Sheldon begrudgingly takes care of Amy when she is sick. Bernadette arranges for Howard to go on a fishing trip with her macho father. (S6 Ep10/24) 
11:00The Goldbergs Adam Spielberg Adam writes an original script about Indiana Jones, but his passion for directing is challenged when he films it. Barry and Murray have a wager. (S5 Ep15/22) 
11:30The Goldbergs The Scrunchie Rule Beverly nurses Coach Mellor back to health after a slip with the rope climbing equipment. Erica and her roommate begin to annoy each other. (S5 Ep16/22) 
12:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Wednesday Incident When Peralta notices that Captain Holt is in a bad mood, he teams up with Holt's husband Kevin to find out what has gone wrong. (S2 Ep16/23) 
12:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boyle-Linetti Wedding As the wedding day of Gina's mother and Boyle's father dawns, each member of the squad is given a task to complete for the nuptials. (S2 Ep17/23) 
13:00The Big Bang Theory The Confirmation Polarization Sheldon and Amy are thrilled when their super-asymmetry theory is proved correct. Bernadette enjoys some big success at work. (S12 Ep13/24) 
13:30The Big Bang Theory The Meteorite Manifestation Sheldon is thrilled to help Howard and Bernadette with some bureaucratic paperwork until he realises they are breaking the law. (S12 Ep14/24) 
14:00Mike & Molly The Dice Lady Cometh Molly aims to win some extra cash when she and the girls head to a riverboat casino for the weekend. Mike and Vince try to enjoy some college basketball. (S4 Ep15) 
14:30Mike & Molly McMillan and Mom Carl takes Mike and Samuel along on a road trip to Memphis to meet his mother when she suddenly reappears in his life after many years. (S4 Ep16) 
15:00Young Sheldon A Brisket, Voodoo, and Cannonball Run The kids try to suggest ways to resolve a family feud when Meemaw refuses to give George Sr her secret brisket recipe. (S1 Ep7/22) 
15:30Young Sheldon Cape Canaveral, Schrödinger's Cat, and Cyndi Lauper's Hair Trying to bond with Sheldon, George Sr takes the boys on a trip to see the Space Shuttle launch. (S1 Ep8/22) 
16:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine Boyle's Hunch Peralta thinks Boyle might have found his soul-mate in art gallery owner Genevieve. Diaz deals with a case of theft in the precinct building. (S3 Ep3/23) 
16:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Oolong Slayer Peralta enlists Captain Holt's help while investigating a serial killer. Diaz and Santiago are forced to deal with The Vulture's demands. (S3 Ep4/23) 
17:00The Goldbergs Rad! Erica thinks her singing dreams have come true when she lands a job at a new karaoke bar in town. Murray teaches Barry and Lainey financial responsibility. (S6 Ep3/23) 
17:30The Goldbergs Hersheypark When Adam tells Beverly he doesn't want her to chaperone the school trip to a theme park, his mother tries to manipulate him with 'guilt letters'. (S6 Ep4/23) 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Change Constant Sheldon and Amy stay up late awaiting a phone call that could bring big news from the Nobel Committee: are their lives about to change? (S12 Ep23/24) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Stockholm Syndrome Howard and Bernadette go away on a trip without their children, Leonard and Penny try to keep a secret, and Raj makes a new friend. (S12 Ep24/24) 
19:00Hollyoaks Romeo inspires the residents of Hollyoaks to start speaking French, with the assistance of a sweet incentive. Sid is hurt by Juliet's actions and finds help in the wrong place. 
19:30Come Dine with Me It's the final night in Leeds and host Darren plans to put a fancy twist on what seems to be a basic menu. But Billy is concerned about the amount of mustard Darren is using. 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Hot Troll Deviation An embarrassing secret of Howard's comes to light as he tries to win back his ex-girlfriend Bernadette. Sheldon and Raj have trouble working together. (S4 Ep4/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Desperation Emanation Leonard realises he's the only one of the gang with no girlfriend. Sheldon wants to get rid of his when she hatches a plan for him to meet her mother. (S4 Ep5/24) 
21:00Ted 2 Film (2012) Outrageous adult comedy. Ted, the toy bear who came to life, faces a challenge to his marriage. With Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Barth. Very strong language/sex/drugs. 
23:15Rick and Morty [adult swim] Rickmancing the Stone Rick takes Morty and Summer on a jaunt to a Mad Max-style universe where he tries to steal a green crystal from a group of scavengers. (S3 Ep2/10) 
23:45New: Mr. Pickles Special... ...(adult swim): Brand new - The Tree of Flesh: In this one-off animated special, Grandpa has been framed for murder, but Sheriff learns of his whereabouts and heads off to track him down. 
00:00New: Momma Named Me Sheriff... ...(adult swim): Brand new series - Hats: A spin-off from animated US comedy series Mr. Pickles. When Floyd eats Sheriff's hat, Sheriff is convinced nobody will respect his authority. (Ep1) 
00:15Robot Chicken: Star Wars... ...Episode II (adult swim): Emperor Palpatine aims to hire bounty hunters to catch the Millennium Falcon. Stormtrooper Gary struggles through Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. 
00:45The Big Bang Theory The Mystery Date Observation While Amy's out on a date with a mystery man, Sheldon enlists Howard and Raj to help find a new girlfriend by posting online. (S9 Ep8/24) 
01:15The Big Bang Theory The Platonic Permutation At Thanksgiving, Sheldon and Amy hang out as friends at the aquarium, and Howard reluctantly agrees to volunteer at a soup kitchen. (S9 Ep9/24) 
01:40Gogglebox What do Britain's sharpest armchair critics think of Natural World Attenborough's Wonder of Eggs, The Generation Game, First Dates, Come Home and The Yorkshire Vet Casebook? (S11 Ep7) 
02:40New: Fear the Walking Dead Brand new series - Grotesque: Nick's steadfast search for answers leads him into a deadly landscape where it's always dog-eat-dog and a dark piece of his own past is uncovered. (S2 Ep8/15) 
03:30The Big Bang Theory The Parking Spot Escalation When non-driver Sheldon finds out that his unused parking space at the university has been reallocated to Howard, he feels undermined. (S6 Ep9/24) 
03:55The Big Bang Theory The Fish Guts Displacement Sheldon begrudgingly takes care of Amy when she is sick. Bernadette arranges for Howard to go on a fishing trip with her macho father. (S6 Ep10/24) 
04:20How I Met Your Mother Good Crazy Despite feigning indifference, Barney is plagued by jealousy as a result of his girlfriend Quinn's job as a stripper and he tries to persuade her to switch careers. (S7 Ep22/24) 
04:45New: School of Rock Brand new series - Changes: When their regular teacher returns to school, the gang must find a way to get Dewey back into the classroom and keep their rock 'n' roll dream alive. (S2 Ep1/13) 
05:10New: School of Rock Brand new series - Wouldn't It Be Nice: Summer's attempt to share a locker with Freddy creates a chain reaction of locker-switching in the school that puts the band out of sync. (S2 Ep2/13) 
06:00Rude(ish) Tube Shorts A short, cheeky clip from Rude Tube's naughty little sister that features a variety of cats doing strange things, some soldiers stuck in the sand and a dog balancing on a rope.