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Listings for E4 on Friday, April 28 2017

06:00Hollyoaks It's the day of Ste's sentencing, and Mike gives Ryan a big responsibility. Nancy is given fresh hope, but what will Darren think? Darcy has more bad news for Adam and Maxine. 
06:30Coach Trip: Road to Marbs Day 5 and the coach boards a ferry from Mallorca for the Spanish mainland. Brendan arranges a day of fun on the high seas with caricature and dance classes. (Ep5/30) 
06:55Baby Daddy Go Brit or Go Home Riley asks a reluctant Ben to hang out with her new British boyfriend Philip. Tucker fakes a British accent while trying to attract dates. (S3 Ep9/21) 
07:30Baby Daddy An Affair Not to Remember A horrified Ben realises he once dated Tucker's new girlfriend. Riley is excited when she is invited to a spa day with her boss. (S3 Ep10/21) 
07:55Rules of Engagement The Big Picture Russell's mother cuts off his trust fund and he is forced to move in with Timmy. Audrey volunteers to help Jeff impress his boss to get a year-end bonus. 
08:25Rules of Engagement Fun Run Jeff tells his colleagues that he can't give any more money to their charity fundraising efforts, but then Audrey signs up for a 10km race for a good cause. 
08:55Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Road Trip In an attempt to add a touch of romance to his work trip with Santiago, Peralta invites his girlfriend and her boyfriend to join them. (S2 Ep9/23) 
09:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine The Pontiac Bandit Returns Doug Judy is back in custody after scamming Peralta and Diaz when they last met, but Captain Holt offers him a plea deal. (S2 Ep10/23) 
10:00Melissa & Joey Family Feud Mel and Joe co-host local TV show Good Morning Toledo for a week, which Mel thinks will help her to gain votes, and their comedic bickering makes them a hit. (S3 Ep10/16) 
10:30Melissa & Joey Fast Times Mel's new boyfriend Noah temporarily moves in with her while his flat is being renovated, but their relationship accelerates too quickly as a result. (S3 Ep11/16) 
11:00Baby Daddy Foos It or Lose It Bonnie baby-proofs the flat and sells the table football game to a student fraternity. Riley is not happy that Danny is dating Georgie. (S3 Ep19/21) 
11:30Baby Daddy All Aboard the Love Train Riley plans to attend her family reunion in Florida, so Ben volunteers to tag along. Tucker gets the chance to co-host a TV show. (S3 Ep20/21) 
12:00How I Met Your Mother Miracles Ted is knocked over by a taxi after trying to break up with Stella. On his way to the hospital, Barney is also knocked over and breaks every bone in his body. 
12:30How I Met Your Mother Do I Know You? Ted nearly kills Stella by putting peanuts in her dinner - not knowing she has an allergy - and subsequently realises he knows very little about her. 
13:00The Goldbergs Ho-ly K.I.T.T A shared love of the TV show Knight Rider brings Murray and his brother Marvin together. Beverly invites Lainey and Bill to Thanksgiving dinner. (S4 Ep7) 
13:30The Goldbergs The Greatest Musical Ever Written Barry makes fun of Adam for taking part in a school musical. Beverly's job as a substitute teacher causes problems for Erica. (S4 Ep8) 
14:00The Big Bang Theory The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation Leonard's attempts to woo Penny are constantly thwarted. Sheldon heads to Texas after learning his friends meddled with his expedition data. (S3 Ep1/23) 
14:30The Big Bang Theory The Jiminy Conjecture Leonard and Penny feel awkward around each other after their romantic liaison, while Sheldon and Howard take bets to determine a species of cricket. (S3 Ep2/23) 
15:00How I Met Your Mother Little Minnesota It's Christmas time and both Marshall and Robin are feeling homesick in New York. Ted tries to keep his immature younger sister Heather away from Barney. 
15:30How I Met Your Mother Benefits Ted and Robin start having casual sex to end their domestic conflicts, so Barney tries to resolve their domestic issues so that they will stop sleeping with each other. 
16:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine Sabotage Santiago and Diaz probe Peralta's claim that someone is trying to sabotage his professional life. Boyle joins Hitchcock and Scully to solve a case. (S2 Ep19/23) 
16:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine AC/DC Peralta injures himself chasing a suspect but won't take time off to recover. Holt and Diaz have an awkward dinner date with their significant others. (S2 Ep20/23) 
17:00New Girl Jess and Julia Jess enlists Julia to help her get out of paying for a traffic ticket, but feels annoyed when Julia isn't very friendly towards her. Winston fails to woo a former date. 
17:30New Girl Valentine's Day Desperate not to be alone on Valentine's Day, Jess goes hunting for a man, while Julia's career clashes with Nick's romantic plans. 
18:00The Big Bang Theory The Maternal Congruence Leonard is horrified when his mother turns up unannounced for a visit at Christmas, but then he finds out Sheldon knew about her arrival in advance. (S3 Ep11/23) 
18:30The Big Bang Theory The Psychic Vortex Sheldon and Raj go to a university party, where Raj lusts after a girl called Abby. Leonard regrets telling Penny he disapproves of her belief in psychics. (S3 Ep12/23) 
19:00Hollyoaks Mercedes and Lily support Scott, while Simone makes a life-changing decision. Neeta once again helps Sally with dating, and Ryan gets up to no good. 
19:30Brooklyn Nine-Nine Brand new series - Serve & Protect: A burglary on the set of a TV detective show distracts Peralta and Diaz from the precinct's on-going evaluation as a new auditor takes over. (S4 Ep14) 
20:00The Big Bang Theory The Viewing Party Combustion During a get-together to watch TV at the flat, a minor argument between Sheldon and Leonard escalates into a heated debate. (S9 Ep21/24) 
20:30The Big Bang Theory The Fermentation Bifurcation The gang run into Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack at a wine bar. Bernadette, who can't drink, hangs out with Sheldon. (S9 Ep22/24) 
21:00American Reunion Film (2012) Adult comedy. Sequel to American Pie, with Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan and Seann William Scott. The class of 1999 gather to reminisce and misbehave. Strong language/sex/nudity. 
23:15The Big Bang Theory The Troll Manifestation Leonard and Sheldon co-publish a physics paper but are forced to defend themselves against negative comments from an online critic. (S8 Ep14/24) 
23:45The Big Bang Theory The Comic Book Store Regeneration The gang prepare for the reopening of Stuart's comic book shop. Penny teaches Sheldon to 'let it go' when he is irritated. (S8 Ep15/24) 
00:15Tattoo Fixers James needs some landscaping over his stickman, Nicole wants her laddish tatt to be given a girly makeover, and George requires help before he gets detention. (S3 Ep14) [SL] 
01:20Tattoo Fixers Nathan wants to banish his bad luck back tatt, Ollie's wheezy Magaluf inking is sent into orbit and Alice gives Taylia a matching tattoo in honour of her sister. (S3 Ep15) [SL] 
02:20E4's Tattoo Artist of the Year Brand new series: The six remaining contestants create pieces for superfan customers relating to their obsessions, and have their traditional work assessed in the style challenge. (Ep4/6) 
03:15Rude Tube: Viral Ads Alex Zane presents the most sublime, bizarre and ridiculous commercials found on the internet and counts down the top 50 Viral Ads, including Darth Vader Tom Tom and Shark Attack in Venice. 
04:05Rules of Engagement The Big Picture Russell's mother cuts off his trust fund and he is forced to move in with Timmy. Audrey volunteers to help Jeff impress his boss to get a year-end bonus. 
04:25Rules of Engagement Fun Run Jeff tells his colleagues that he can't give any more money to their charity fundraising efforts, but then Audrey signs up for a 10km race for a good cause. [SL] 
04:45Melissa & Joey The Truth Hurts Joe manages to foil Mel and Austin's weekend plans for a romantic getaway when he accidentally injures Austin during a game of pool. (S3 Ep6/16) 
05:10Charmed Rewitched Unaware that she is being watched, Billie jeopardises the Charmed Ones' new lives when she uses her powers to save an innocent and is caught by Agent Murphy. [SL] 
06:00Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween III The third instalment of Peralta and Holt's 'Halloween heist' involves a tie-breaking contest to be crowned 'amazing detective slash genius'. (S3 Ep5/23)