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Listings for Channel 4 on Thursday, August 24 2017

06:00Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Martin Lewis is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
06:45Will & Grace The Definition of Marriage (Part 1/2): Grace prepares for her green-card marriage to James, but worries that Karen is going too far by planning an overly lavish spectacle. 
07:10Will & Grace Grace Expectations (Part 2/2): Grace finally plucks up the courage to tell Leo that she is pregnant with his child, Will settles in with James, and Karen is in a sulk. 
07:35Everybody Loves Raymond Left Back Ray worries that he has passed on 'stupid' genes to Michael because his son may be held back a year at school, just as Ray was. 
08:00Everybody Loves Raymond The Christmas Picture Ray thinks a family portrait would make a great Christmas present for his parents, until Marie and Debra clash over who counts as 'family'. 
08:30Frasier Halloween Niles throws a Halloween party to raise money for the Library Association, but all his guests have to dress up as a famous character from literature. 
09:00Frasier The Kid Frasier tries to help Roz out following the revelation about her pregnancy, but he is determined to discover who the father is. 
09:30Frasier The 1000th Show Frasier's self-importance over a professional milestone, and his persistent sibling rivalry with Niles, reach crisis point. 
10:00The Big Bang Theory The Scavenger Vortex Raj organises an epic and demanding scavenger hunt for the group of friends, designed to test their scientific knowledge and common sense. (S7 Ep3/24) 
10:30The Big Bang Theory The Raiders Minimization Amy ruins one of Sheldon's favourite films by pointing out a flaw in the storyline. Raj and Stuart decide to create online dating profiles. (S7 Ep4/24) 
11:00The Simpsons Make Room for Lisa When Homer agrees to let a telephone company put a transmitter in Lisa's room, she becomes Bart's unwanted roommate. The stress leads Lisa to a sensory deprivation tank. 
11:30The Simpsons Viva Ned Flanders After a night out in Vegas, Homer and Flanders wake up married to cocktail bar waitresses. 
12:00Channel 4 News Summary Includes sport and weather. 
12:05Couples Come Dine with Me In Cheltenham, ditzy youngsters Will and Kim keep everyone entertained with their lack of general knowledge and random comments. And can Pasha's Persian rice pudding win the grand? 
13:05Posh Pawn A bumper-car collector looking for a loan turns up at the shop offering an impromptu test drive in the city, and Patrick is star-struck when dealing with a musician. 
14:10Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Martin Lewis is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent. 
15:00Cheap Cheap Cheap Noel Edmonds' unique game show. Keith gets stuck in the lift, Kelly has a car crash, and Barry shows off his dad dancing. And can Katie and Alexis's cheese knowledge win them ?25,000? 
16:00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Patrick and Corrine from East Sussex are looking for a holiday home in Lanzarote where they can spend more active winters in the sun. Scarlette Douglas shows them five great properties. 
17:00Come Dine with Me In Hastings, former pop star Dec plans some musical surprises and a simple seaside menu, on a night featuring revelations, celebrity stories, magical musical moments and a peculiar pudding. 
17:30Streetmate Lee's ideal man is Superman. Can Scarlett Moffatt find him the date of his dreams on Cardiff's streets? Party girl Jess wants to settle down but where are Cheltenham's single men? (Ep4/15) 
18:00The Simpsons She Used to Be My Girl When Marge's super successful high school pal comes to town, Marge begins to wonder if she's wasted her life until Lisa finds herself in trouble. 
18:30Hollyoaks Prince ruins his chances of getting back into school, while Darren is wracked with guilt. 
19:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather. 
20:00Lego Masters The hunt is on for the UK and Ireland's best Lego builders, as some of the most skilled brick fanatics do battle. In this episode, eight teams compete to make the best brick banquet (Ep1) 
21:0024 Hours in A&E John's been thrown from his bike at high speed and is in an induced coma. Drama student Florian has injured his foot. He explains how his family fled Kosovo when he was a child. (S13 Ep11) 
22:00Wasting Away: The Truth about... ...Anorexia Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy explore the devastating effects of eating disorders and talk to patients, their families and also Prince William about the subject. 
23:00Britain's Benefit Tenants As council housing numbers shrink, more people are renting privately. This show meets the specialist letting agents trying to keep private landlords and benefit tenants happy. (S1 Ep1/3) 
00:00One Born Every Minute Career woman Charlene's mum and aunt use humour to help her come to terms with becoming a mother. Jess hopes to become the best mum possible with help from her flatmate Lauren. (S9 Ep6) 
00:55Delhi Cops The police in Mangolpuri - the neighbourhood with the highest crime rate in Delhi - prepare for the Holi festival, which can be marred by widespread lawlessness. (Ep2/2) 
01:50From Russia to Iran: Crossing... ...the Wild Frontier: Levison Wood undertakes a 2600-mile trek across the Caucasus mountains on the tense frontier between Europe and Asia. Levison crosses Chechnya into Dagestan. (Ep1/4) 
02:45The Supervet Rescued bulldog Dolly has problems with all four legs; police dog Anya's spine is badly damaged; and a retired greyhound called Lola has a mystery problem. 
03:40Location, Location, Location Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer help two couples with very different aims and budgets look for homes in the highly competitive property market of north-east London. [SL] 
04:35Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb In Manchester, three rival sellers bid to win an offer from buyer Liz with a week and ?1000 to make their properties more desirable and sellable. (Ep14/14) [SL] 
05:30Shipping Wars UK Laurie gets stuck in London traffic on her way to the Chelsea Flower show. But who will be crowned Transporter of the Week? 
06:00Countdown Nick Hewer and Rachel Riley host as contestants race against the clock to pit their wits against vowels, consonants and numbers. Martin Lewis is in Dictionary Corner with Susie Dent.