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Listings for More 4 on Friday, April 28 2017

04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Mark and Wendy Lang from Liverpool want to start a new life on Spain's Costa Almer?a. Sara Damergi shows them a selection of properties for their ?90,000 budget. 
10:00A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Sara Damergi takes Chris Grandison house-hunting with his granny Patricia Blythe on Malta, where Patricia lived many years ago, when her late husband was in the forces. 
11:00Four in a Bed The competition kicks off at The Swan Inn, Ian and Cathy's 'no frills' 13th-century inn located in the picturesque Ceiriog Valley in Wales. They take their guests trout fishing. 
11:35Four in a Bed In Bournemouth, John and Chris host at their guest house called Bed & Breakfast by the Beach. But Ian from The Swan Inn admits he can't stand being near Jill from Whitby. 
12:05Four in a Bed The competition moves to The Lansbury on the North Yorkshire coast, where Jill's stab at playing tour guide backfires, and the reaction to her breakfast leads to tears. 
12:35Four in a Bed It's the turn of Charlie and Angie to host, and their Castle House B&B in Denbigh, north Wales, turns out to be a lot more swish and luxurious than their rivals had expected. 
13:05Four in a Bed Four sets of B&B owners took turns as hosts to decide whose accommodation offers best value for money. Now the owners meet for the last time to see who won this edition of the competition. 
13:40A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Adrian Simpson shows Bob and Annette properties for up to ?225,000 on the Caribbean island of Grenada, where they've long been holidaying and now want their own holiday home. 
14:40A Place in the Sun: Winter Sun Adrian Simpson shows Deborah and Peter Merritt properties on the market for up to ?300,000 on the Caribbean island of Tobago. 
15:45Time Team Tony and the Team help archaeologists from Cardiff University to examine a discovery at Caerleon Roman legionary fort in Wales. Did this military outpost also serve another purpose? 
16:50Time Team A family of Somerset farmers invite Tony and the Team to answer a question that's been puzzling them for generations: was there ever a castle on top of the hill they call Castle Hill? 
17:50Vet on the Hill Scott's Border terrier has therapy on a water treadmill after emergency spinal surgery, a beloved Labrador undergoes chemotherapy and a chihuahua has a check-up. (Ep10/10) 
18:55The Secret Life of the Zoo The arrival of a new female chimp causes upheaval at Chester Zoo, baby otter Bo goes missing, cheetah mum Kinky Tail is on the operating table, and the meerkats are stealing food. (S3 Ep3) 
19:55Grand Designs Denise and Doug gave up everything to start a new life in central France. Having fallen in love with a massive, dilapidated 19th-century manor house, can they convert it into a B&B? 
21:00New: Spin Brand new series - Tabloid Politics: Apolline is kidnapped in Lebanon. Advised by Ludovic Desmeuze, Anne-Marie Carrere uses ruthless tactics to shake her rivals. In French/subs. (S3 Ep3/6) 
22:0524 Hours in A&E Robert, who's 37, is taken to St George's after a motorbike collision, and 54-year-old Mary collapses in the street on the way to work. (S10 Ep20) 
23:0524 Hours in A&E Luke has cut his finger and is concerned that it could trigger a seizure; he's had epilepsy since crashing his bike then undergoing brain surgery at St George's, three years ago. (S10 Ep17) 
00:158 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Jimmy Carr hosts the words-and-numbers quiz with Jon Richardson and Michelle Wolf who take on guest captain Jonathan Ross and Johnny Vegas. Pappy's is in Dictionary Corner. 
01:15Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares USA Gordon visits Bazzini restaurant in New Jersey. Owner Paul Bazzini is an award-winning chef who decided to run his own restaurant but didn't realise how difficult the challenge would be. 
02:1524 Hours in A&E Robert, who's 37, is taken to St George's after a motorbike collision, and 54-year-old Mary collapses in the street on the way to work. (S10 Ep20) 
03:158 Out of 10 Cats Jimmy Carr hosts the comedy panel show, as team captains Jon Richardson and Sean Lock are joined by guests Mel Giedroyc, Johnny Vegas, Aisling Bea and Kym Marsh. 
04:00Teleshopping Teleshopping.