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Listings for Mtv on Thursday, August 24 2017

06:00Time's Up Brian is moving to Boston for work. His boyfriend, Matt, is returning to college where he's a competitive cheerleader. Brian is worried his move will be too much for them to handle. (S1, ep3) 
06:20The Hills Heidi's sister Holly asks Lauren and Heidi to reconsider what happened to their friendship. Audrina and Justin's relationship is tested as she works a huge event for a record company. (S4, ep6) 
06:45The Hills Lauren leaves for a family vacation, and things in Los Angeles go awry. Meanwhile, Stephanie dates Doug behind Lauren's back, and Audrina gets friendly with Heidi. (S4, ep7) 
07:10Plain Jane Georgie likes being invisible, but after learning some new skills will her new confidence and style convince her secret crush Ben that she's an attractive girl rather than one of the lads? (S3, ep8) 
08:00I Used to Be Fat Tanner is obsessed with his girlfriend, Mikyla. But when their relationship has problems, can he find the motivation to get healthy for himself, or will his willpower go like Mikyla did? (S1, ep8) 
09:00Teen Mom OG Maci is worried about Ryan's extracurricular activities while Catelynn and Tyler start an online children's boutique. Farrah bonds with her mum while Amber and Matt almost elope. (S6, ep22) 
10:00Teen Mom OG The mums and their significant others travel to Puerto Rico where Maci struggles with wanting to help Ryan overcome his issues. Farrah is invited to speak about her businesses at SXSW. (S6, ep23) 
11:00Teen Mom OG Maci and Taylor work on their marriage in counselling while Farrah goes on a date with Asaf whom she picked on the aftershow. Gary asks Amber to help him surprise Leah with a new house. (S6, ep24) 
12:0016 And Pregnant Kayla's anorexia comes back full-force when she is pregnant. While struggling to put looks aside, Kayla realizes that the person she has always relied on, her mother, refuses to support her. (S3, ep6) 
13:3016 And Pregnant A Jersey girl is stuck in Texas after moving in with her boyfriend's dysfunctional family, Allie needs to decide whether to raise her baby in an unstable environment or without a Dad. (S3, ep10) 
15:00Catfish: The TV Show Dylan receives an anonymous text warning him that his online love, Ally, is not who she says she is. After the mystery texter is revealed, Nev and Max uncover a huge web of deceit! (S6, ep10) 
16:00Catfish: The TV Show Alante has been planning a life with his online love. She's perfect but her disappearances have Alante worried. Nev and Max help uncover a truth that affects Alante's entire town. (S6, ep2) 
17:00Catfish: The TV Show Former model Jayme has learned that her online boyfriend is not only fake, but appears to be catfishing other women too! Nev and Max help find the catfish to put an end to his deception. (S5, ep13) 
18:00Catfish: The TV Show Thaddius sought refuge from his struggling marriage through an online relationship with Sara. When she starts telling tales of seizures and kidnappings, he starts to question her identity. (S4, ep14) 
19:00Teen Mom 2 Briana is faced with a heart-wrenching decision, Kailyn's friend reveals some very personal information, and Jenelle and Nathan confront each other in court. (S8, ep2) 
20:00Teen Mom UK More tears, tiffs and true love in Teen Mom UK. Megan has a baby, Amber has a meltdown, and romance is in the air for Mia. Sassi celebrates her 1st Mother's Day and Chloe tackles her weight. (S2, ep5) 
21:00Catfish: The TV Show Caitlyn calls on Nev and Max to help separate the fact from fiction of her courtship with Kenton. Kenton insists she and her daughter move to Kentucky but is Kenton all he claims to be? (S6, ep20) 
22:00One Night With My Ex Harry and Amber, Stefan and Emma and Louis and Molissa spend 24 hours together to explore where things went wrong. (S1, ep4) 
23:00Ex On The Beach The party comes to a dramatic end as a familiar face arrives to cause chaos in the villa. Will it be too much for John and Georgia and will Chloe finally have her wicked way with Sam? (S7, ep10) 
00:00Catfish: The TV Show Divorcee Shawny calls Nev and Max to help uncover the shadowy identity of her attempt at new love. But things get interesting as they discover that Shawny may have secrets of her own. (S6, ep1) 
01:00Geordie Shore: Tash On Time... ... Machine. Chloe meets "Psycho Charlotte" after a night out, and Holly's return is ruined when she's confronted with the true reason Kyle doesn't want to make their relationship official. (S10, ep7) 
02:00Geordie Shore: Tash On Time... ... Machine. Scotty T is back to 'jump start' the final episode with a dare-devil activity. Meanwhile, tensions run high as Holly waits to hear Kyle's decision. Last in the series. (S10, ep8) 
02:50MTV Cribs Plasma TV screens? Yes! Over-the-top bathrooms? Yes! Huge hot tubs? Yes! MTV Cribs has it all! Enjoy an all-access personal tour of celebrity homes - and they won't even call the police! 
03:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
06:00Time's Up Phil, a runway model in New York, must say goodbye to his girlfriend, Zoe, as she leaves to attend design school in Chicago. Will this farewell mark the end of their relationship? (S1, ep4)