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Listings for More 4 on Sunday, May 26 2019

03:50Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
07:00Teleshopping Teleshopping. 
08:55Find It, Fix It, Drive It Henry and Sam find an MG Midget in need of a bit of restoration. After some hard work and a lick of paint they'll take it to a good old hill climb! (Ep9) New. 
10:00Car S.O.S Lancia Delta Integrale The boys tackle a rusty, four-wheel-drive world rally champ but as tragedy strikes, the restoration takes on a very different meaning. (S6 Ep3/10) 
11:00Car S.O.S Peugeot 205 GTi Tim Shaw and Fuzz Townsend take on their first rally car, a 1989 Peugeot 205 GTi, with help from former Monte Carlo winner and racing legend Paddy Hopkirk. (S6 Ep4/10) 
12:00Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. Carrie Bradshaw-wannabe Jose hosts teacher Skip, tattoo artist Indy, entrepreneur Sharon and admin worker Jessica. Jose's night features Spanish food and party games. (Ep1/5) 
12:30Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. History teacher Skip plans an evening celebrating his American roots. But what secret does Skip have to reveal to his guests? (Ep2/5) 
13:05Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. It's the turn of entrepreneur Sharon - who brings to the competition all the tenacity and commitment she applies to her business career. (Ep3/5) 
13:35Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. Tattoo artist Indy hosts a summer-themed dinner party. But what will his guests make of the 'bring swimwear' dress code? (Ep4/5) 
14:05Come Dine with Me Lincolnshire. It's the turn of ditzy but endearing 23-year-old Jessica to host. Will Jessica's Chinese dinner and unusual pet impress her guests enough to win her the prize? (Ep5/5) 
14:40Four in a Bed The competition starts at The Park Hotel in Gloucestershire, where couple Lauren Abraham and Callum Hogg make their bid for the prize, but some robust feedback leaves them wanting answers. 
15:10Four in a Bed The second visit is to Sue's B&B in Trowbridge where, despite the home-from-home approach, cracks in the group start to show and a communal table has its awkward moments. 
15:40Four in a Bed The third visit is to The Talbot in Dorset, where Erika Watt and Ellie Gill's rooms don't live up to first impressions. And some of the feedback sends them into fits of giggles. 
16:15Four in a Bed The final visit is to The Old Rectory in south Wales, where Cameron Thomas has to show more than just his professional side, and the competition heats up with an afternoon of canoe racing. 
16:45Four in a Bed It's the final day and the B&B owners meet for the last time to settle some scores. Tensions are in the air and issues are debated before the winner is revealed. 
17:20Come Dine with Me Worcestershire. Fitness fan Claire has produced a low-fat menu for her guests, who are invited to build up their appetites with an aerobic workout. (Ep1/5) 
17:50Come Dine with Me Worcestershire. Beauty pageant queen Pippa Langhorne throws a sophisticated Midsummer Night's Dream-themed evening for her guests. (Ep2/5) 
18:25Come Dine with Me Worcestershire. Party boy publican Tim Lawson hopes to win over his guests with a raucous, country-themed blowout, which features a novel take on a prawn cocktail. (Ep3/5) 
18:55Come Dine with Me Worcestershire. Foodie Teresa Cox hopes to win over her guests with a rich, sumptuous feast that should score top marks. But will her lobster starter impress the group? (Ep4/5) 
19:25Come Dine with Me Worcestershire. Competitive Chris Sheppard throws a black-tie-themed evening. His menu features home-made sweet chilli sauce and fancy potato towers. (Ep5/5) 
20:00Secret Life of Brothers & Sisters The young stars of The Secret Life of... return, and they've brought their younger siblings along for a camping holiday. How does their siblings' presence affect their interaction? (Ep1/2) 
21:00Emergency Helicopter Medics An air ambulance team races to help Helen, who's trapped in her car after a crash on the A66. Teenager Jamie has a broken jaw and possible spinal injury after falling 10 feet. (S2 Ep4) 
22:00New: Scotstar: Flying Doctors Brand new series: A routine tonsillectomy takes a dangerous turn for a little boy. A man suffers a potentially life-changing head injury. And premature twin sisters cling onto life. (Ep3/3) 
23:0524 Hours in A&E Nineteen-year-old motorcyclist Sam is airlifted to St George's after crashing into a bus and being thrown under a car, leaving him bent double. (S10 Ep2) 
00:05Father Ted Rock-a-Hula Ted A feminist protest singer arrives on the island just as Ted is about to judge the Lovely Girls competition. How will Ted deal with his clash of convictions? (S2 Ep7/10) 
00:35A League of Their Own Film (1992) Comedy-drama telling the story of the establishment of a women's professional baseball league in the USA during the Second World War. With Tom Hanks, Madonna and Geena Davis. 
03:10Father Ted Rock-a-Hula Ted A feminist protest singer arrives on the island just as Ted is about to judge the Lovely Girls competition. How will Ted deal with his clash of convictions? (S2 Ep7/10) 
03:40Teleshopping Teleshopping.